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A cardigan for toddler and teddy


Can anyone help me find a pattern please? I want to make a cardigan for a toddler. My daughter is sewing her a teddy, which will obviously need a cardigan too. I have lots of fingering and sport weight wool in the stash. Any pattern ideas? Happy to pay.


I’ve done sweaters for boys and girls with their bears and American Girl dolls using patterns by Judith Shangold. You can find a link to her site (and patterns) here.

I hope this helps!


Maybe this one?


That one looks perfect -thank you!


I did it! I used the Flax Light pattern, modified it a bit to make a cardigan and then more or less the same for the Teddy. I didn’t have time to block the Teddy’s one so it looks like she has eaten a bit too much over the holidays. The yarn was a bit more lurid than I was expecting but I think it is ok.


That’s so cute! Love it!
I bet the toddler is thrilled too!