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Bang Out a Carbeth


So far behind but I can see the end…now that my epically long sleeves are finally done!!!


We’re fine; just brought back something extra from Mexico (hah!). I’m just waiting for it to dry completely now; I’ve got outfit ideas!


Thanks Ann. And thanks for choosing Carbeth for the February knit.



I love your sweet red and white quilt!
Beautiful backdrop for your sweater.


One more Carbeth pullover before I move on to the cardigan.


Here’s the start of my second sleeve. Body is done and the first sleeve is already attached to free up the needles. The color is more green than the blue in this photo. Although that imaginary blue that my phone created is pretty too!

I’m making this for my niece Molly. She’s the one among us most likely to wear a cropped sweater. Although I am not particularly short or long waisted (pretty average there), I am rather long breasted!

I had a ton of work to do in my house this weekend and actually got a lot of it done along with a whole sleeve. It’s a great pattern for those “go do the dishes and then you can knit an inch” bribery that I do with myself quite often.


I loved this pattern so much and surprise, so did my 16 year old daughter (she NEVER likes anything I knit) that she asked me to make her one too!!! I’ve started hers in a cream color. Pictures to come, I’m almost done with the body!!!


All done and dry. I (ahem) may have to close up one or two little areas where the tension went off-piste.


It took over 48 hours to dry but I’m wearing it today!


I blocked my sleeves very aggressively for the same reason. They came out just fine.


I should note that I added 1 inch to the body length and 2inches to the sleeves. I’m thrilled to be able to cuff the sleeves!


Mine too. Also took 2 days to dry! I actually put it on damp & went for a walk :slight_smile:


I’m having flashbacks to the hairdo!


Almost done. Only have enough yarn left for a funnel neck, not a full rolled turtleneck. Tried on sweater–if I continue with the 84 st, the neck will be too wide. Thought that over the remaining 10 rows, I’d decrease a total of 10 st. So, 1 st decrease per row. So they don’t show as much, I should do the decreases at the sides. So, 1 decrease each row, alternating sides. Question is: what is the most subtle way to decrease in 2x2 ribbing so the ribbing won’t get all wonky? I googled & found it’s best to put decreases in purl stitches but couldn’t find out more. (Do you just suffer 4 knit st together when the purl runs out?) Any ideas???


I would alternate placement and have some 2x1 ribs. Nobody will notice but you.


Good idea, thanks much!