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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Excellent parenting!


Stayed up until almost midnight so I could join the arms and body. What a leap of faith! I read the pattern a few times. It seemed like such a logical simple step. And it turned out logical and simple but when I was looking looking at the various red cables the various pieces were on and the working yarn on the body that I would use to begin knitting around the left sleeve, I wondered. How fun and exhilarating to join it together. I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.


My 9 y.o. son stayed up with me so he could get his writing assignment done before the weekend. I was changing needle tips on the interchangeables and when I put the T-pin between my lips to hold it for a second, he offered to hold the pin because he didn’t want me to put anything sharp in my mouth. At times he shows such tenderness that seems to defy his red hair.
When he was a preschooler he once wanted to stay up with me and asked if we could be “Nock Turtles together”. (Nocturnal)



that is adorable. Nock Turtles. I love it.


Starting the color work. This should be interesting.


I ordered 12" circs for my sleeves and I will NEVER go back :wink:


Looks beautiful - I can’t wait to get there!


After you join the sleeves, it is very tight radius to knit around the sleeves. I normally hold my needles perpendicular to each other but by holding them in a steep “X” with the tips pointed up, I found I had no problems in knitting around the tight curves of the sleeves–the tighter the curve the steeper the X of the needle tips.


A few sick days filled with naps and Hadley-knitting allowed me to finish the body through the dividing round quicker than I thought possible (for me). I have always avoided dpns because it feels so incredibly awkward, preferring to use two circular needles for small circumferences. I think for Hadley’s sleeves dpns are the way to go however. I’m using four needles so I can keep one pattern repeat per needle. I can see that this is going to take a while.


I am such a late starter - just ordered my yarn (I had car repairs unexpectedly at the beginning of the month). As soon as I receive my yarn, I will be casting on and following you all to the finish line - all while picking up some good tricks (knitting the sleeves inside out = genius). :slight_smile:


Working on second sleeve, almost ready to start color work on that one…


I’m so far behind (stupid job getting in the way of knitting!) - but I finally cast on for sleeve #1. I went with Camper for the cast on - I really like this!


Working on the increases for my second sleeve this morning.


Slow going on my colorwork. I’ve only done it a few times before and I have been following all the good advice here so, although it’s a slow go, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I downloaded the pattern onto my phone and have found that I can take a screen shot of exactly where I am in the chart. It’s proven very helpful.


So, um, I have literally had one of the busiest Februarys of my life, so I’m still not out of the sweater ribbing yet. Oh well… I’m looking forward to lots of soothing Spring Break knitting! I do have a question: those of you who like the little circs for sleeves – are 9 in or 12 in better?


I’ve come to the portion of the program where the floats get looooong. Time for a break and some online learning. Pardon the crappy cell phone photos but I am pleased as punch with how this is coming. All the good tips have made this a dream.


Woo hoo! I’m done. I’ve never made a sweater this quickly before. It fits pretty well though makes my rear end look big. Maybe because it is. I need to block it so maybe I can make it a bit looser.


Congratulations, it’s just beautiful.


Help! I am at the first Sleeve Increase Round but am still working on the D color of the Fair Isle Pattern. When I place these two extra stitches at the beginning and end of the round, they will be in the middle of the fair isle motif, not in the spaces in between. How do you handle this? Just do it in the main color and hope that it’s not too noticeable?