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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Halfway point in the colorwork at yoke. So let me ask opinions here. I go back and forth on this issue personally.
Poll: weave in the ends before blocking? Or after blocking?


Personally, I’ve been weaving in as I go, which is a bit looser than weaving them in with a needle later. Then I leave the ends dangling, wash and block, and trim the ends after everything’s dry and stretched as far as it’s ever likely to.


Lovely colours. I like the ombré effect.


Even though I’ve only done the colour work in one sleeve and with one CC, I feel a sense of achievement given that this is my first attempt at colourwork. Wouldn’t have tried it but for the knitalong. Yay for learning new skills!


I did my increases on either side of the colorwork at the seam.


I left 6 - 8 inch ends on all colorwork which I wove in after blocking.
And I love your version!


Almost done with the yoke! Now I’m fairly confident I will finish in February (minus blocking).


Thank you, Nell. Your explanations are always clear and helpful!


I have 5 more rows of color work to go on the yoke and my big worry is…I will finish this sweater and it will be too hot to wear it. In February!


This is an excellent idea. I did the increases in the CC and kept those stitches in the CC in the following colorwork rows. This created what looks like a colorwork motif on steroids, ugh. I think I will duplicate stitch over the offending blobby stitches in the MC to make it look more intentional.


Ta-da! It’s a join!


Starting the colorwork on the second sleeve. After 3 tries on the first sleeve, I now feel like a pro. Figured out the whole “inside out” thing (Thanks, Ann!) and the magic loop method. Not sure I’ll finish by the 28th, but I’ll be close enough! It’s been so reassuring to see that folks have the same questions I do. Love seeing all the finished and almost finished projects!


All right, I’m on row 23 of the yoke, and I know others have been here before me, so I must be doing something wrong. The chart shows five MC and three CC stitches, but I have six MC stitches between the three. The chart got a stitch smaller from the row previous, without having had any decreases? And then the next row shows a double decrease, but the chart only gets smaller by one stitch. What am I missing here?


There’s a small chart error, and this is how I interpreted it :
On round 23 there should be 9 blocks/stitches, 3 white, 3 red, and 3 (not 2) white. The next row is where that last stitch/block should disappear.


OK, I’ll mark the pdf and the book, then. Anything else like that you can remember from here out?


I can’t think of anything else.


Here is the result of duplicate-stitching over the CC blob I created by keeping the in-the-colorwork increase in the CC. Corrected sleeve

on the left, blobby one on the right. I’m going to pick out and redo the duplicate stitching to make it tidier, but I’m satisfied with the fix.


Finished the wraps and turns. Then tried it on. I hate the neckline. So I’m going to tink out all of the wraps and turns and maybe even take it down a little bit and then rib the neck line so it’s a more open neck. Bummer. I was so close to being done.


Thank you! I unknit that row so many times thinking i was off then just decided to keep going and reworked it to fit properly based on the sleeves.


I’m debating taking my band and short rows out and dropping the yoke just 1/2 inch.