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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Finished the ribbing. I think once my shaping is done I may also start a sleeve to see how the color work goes. It’s been several years since I did that.
People mention Kay’s suggestions…where can one find those? Is there a section for tips?


There are many great tips in the Bang Out a Hadley: Modification thread.


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How’s it going? We’d love to see the progress you’re making on your Hadley. Pix, tricks, tips, and questions all welcome here.


Trying to add image of what I’ve knit so far…spent lots and lots of time trying to figure out the shaping and reading creative ideas from other knitters…finally decided I was making much ado about nothing and went to a favorite sweater and followed its measurements…so no modifications yet! I am 5’2" so will probably shorten the length to underarm but not there yet…lovely yarn!


I’m going to go with a more boxy shape since that looks best on me. Last weekend,while thinking about starting this kal, I cleaned my whole house from top to bottom. That should let me slide through a few weeks of knitting like crazy. I have audio books queued and am ready to go!


knitting size small, camper & my other colors. i need some good luck w/ this. it’s been a while since I’ve knit a sweater for myself. like working in the round and sweater construction – haven’t done one this way before. can’t wait to see how a sleeve looks with the colors.


A wise knitter named Ann Shayne knits her Fair Isle tubes inside out so that it’s nearly impossible to pull the floats too tightly. I tried it making Fair Isle baby socks and it worked very well. It takes a little mental gymnastics because you’re essentially knitting in a hole but once you have the hang of it, it’s simple.


I’m hoping to modify the waist shaping and looking for a little help. I’m knitting the small but want 160 stitches at the waist line instead of 148. Would it be fine to just skip one of the decreases?

Also, I missed the original decrease round before the waist shaping starts. Is it important or can I keep going with the decreases? I’m worried about a potential bump of material right above the ribbing.

This is my first full size sweater and so far I’m having a blast. Thanks for the help!


I answered this in the Modifications thread.


I’m working from a medium quality printout of the PDF version of the pattern.
I’m nearly ready to work the yoke and just want to mention/caution that the tone of the green color work and the grey no-stitch are close.


I got started late, but close to increasing after the waist (though I did fewer decreases than called for).


Knit Picks WOA? Looks just like my main color. I need to add a pic soon - eager to get to the colr part : )


I’ve got about an inch nch before I divide for the sleeves. I need to get busy winding my other colors.


Banging out my Hadley–waist shaping done!–while wearing my banged-out Stopover


So…starting over. Got close to dividing round and tried it on…it was very blous-ey because I had decided NOT to do the decrease shaping…bad decision!
Now I am at “Shape Waist” and cannot figure out how to repeat the decrease round of the waist (“every 8 rounds 3 times”) when the directions say to “knit 5 rounds” before beginning “Shape Bust and Sides”…what am I missing?


Do the decreases 4 times, every 8 rows, then 5 rows, then the increases. Does that help? Check your size though, and how much ease you want at the waist. All decreases, at least in my size, was almost 10", more than I wanted, so I eliminated some.


Thank you! You saved my day! I was confused by the word “once” outside of the *… I think your directions are a bit more explanatory!

I will try on the sweater again during the waist decreases…thanks for that tip as well. Something about the lightness of the yarn makes the garment fuller than I expected!


. Just a swatch and a start.


Glad to help. I’m using different yarn, but 10" between my hips and waist is years behind me!!


The colours you have chosen work really well together


Beautiful color choices.