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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


Thank you so much! I will adjust accordingly. I really appreciate the help. Knit on!


That color though! It is gorgeous!


Thanks Nell. Much appreciated.


Pride goeth before a . . . frog . . .

(I kind of like that image.)

I smugly wrote about finishing the waist shaping. Then I blithely counted stitches. Ugh. Off. Not way off, but I couldn’t ignore it. Frog. Back to the first decrease row.

Now I’m almost done with the waist shaping for the second time.


So happy to be done with color work on sleeve then found a big blooper. Have to rip it out and start over. Waaah!


Here’s a quick shot, unblocked with (my adjusted) shaping markers still attached. It won’t be as snug after blocking. I reduced the amount of positive ease that the pattern called for.
I’m nearly ready for the 2nd set of yoke decreases.


last night i took advantage of having a low battery on my laptop and a busted power cord to finish the first sleeve instead of working. I COULDN’T YOU GUISE I SWEAR.

so, feeling kinda perky about making good progress on that. cast on for the 2nd sleeve this morning, and i hear we have a snow storm coming so i’m thinking it’s possible there will be a snow day tomorrow, in which case I WILL KNIT ALL THE SLEEVES.


OMG. Your sweater is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I wish I had enough time slash knit fast enough to be where you are!


I love the way you talk (post?) You made me laugh out loud, and I"m at work :joy:


Well, I got distracted by making hearts (these The plan was to make a string of 7 of them to hang in my front window. I have 13 now! So I didn’t work on my Hadley at all Sunday evening or Monday. Last night, after finishing heart# 13 - except for felting - they all still need felting - I finally picked my Hadley back up. And this morning, I stayed home to view a webinar - it’s so much easier to do that at home instead of at work, where people keep interrupting - and I did get a little more done on my Hadley. I’m about halfway through the waist-shaping.


LOL Thanks Katie! :slight_smile: I’d like to think laughing out loud at work is a good thing. I hope it doesn’t get you in bad with any of your coworkers!


Wow! Looks great! I’m @ the knit 5 (4 because I’m petite) rows & struggling to get oriented. … at the beginning of round (bor) marker as I begin the bust & side increases am I going toward the front of my Hadley?


Hmm. That is a very good question. I haven’t gotten to the back neck shaping so at this point either side is the same, and I have knit them identically.


From the pattern- when joining the pieces place the BOR marker, knit across the left sleeve, the front, right sleeve, then the back, so the answer is yes.


I love your colors! I may have to use that color scheme for my next Hadley!


I should not knit during a close Super Bowl Game! I missed the 2nd decrease at the side of the sweater and had to frog 1 inch! Luckily my Casade Ecco yarn is easy to knit and survived the frogging.


The first stitch after the BOR marker is the first stitch of the front. When the sleeves are joined this piece will still be the front even though the BOR marker is then placed at the beginning of the left sleeve.


Oh my goodness I’m way back at the waist still… just beginning the: shape bust and sides, 1/3 of the way down the second column on page 10.


Right. I am only pointing out where I found what I think is the answer to your question.


Sleeve question: I am a fairly experienced knitter, but with ONLY 1 color. I have done one stranded project, but it was a tiny amount of color.

My worry is the sleeves, coupled with DPNs, coupled with multiple colors. What are ya’ll’s suggestions as to how to start? I cast on last night, onto DPNs, but it was quite messy. Would it be easier/better to knit them flat? Thanks in advance.