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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I’m definitely trying too hard to finish by the end of the month. I just did a really nice join of a new skein to the tail. And I thought I had already made every mistake possible!


Start your round where the chart says for your size. (The designer divided the stitches left over after the 12 stitch repeat in half [or close] and put some at the beginning of the round and some at the end.) Start the chart where it says for your size and work the partial repeat, then work the full 12-stitch repeat over and over until you have less than 12 stitches left in the round, work those according to the chart so you end where it says for your size. Look under the chart for where to start and end for your size. I used sticky notes to mark where to start and stop that way I could move them if any of my sleeve increases came before the end of the chart.


I’m finishing up the notes on my Ravelry page. Can’t wait to wear this!

eta - it’ amazing. I love it!!


Looks gorgeous! I hope mine gets close to looking that good.


Thank you very much!


Sleeves. Thanks to all the sprinters who have paved the way for the rest of us! I’ve been watching the sleeves closely. Today I started sleeves. I did less rows on the cuff bc I have short arms. :smile:
Also, I used only 48 sts for the chart and am adding the five sts I need bk in as I go up in stockinette.


Love the collar. I am changing the collar as well. Haven’t figured out which way I want to go but a turtleneck is not my best look. :wink:


I’ve got it! I had a breakthrough last night after thinking & doing quad paper &tic marks. Thanks again


A little more than a foot in.


Making progress!


That’s sounds interesting… a rolled her, then thecribbing. Any chance of a pic to see what it looks like?


Love the photo with your horse but…did I miss something? Were we supposed to use a tubular cast on?


Thank you! I enjoyed wearing it for a little bit today.


Hooray! That’s a good feeling…


Progress stalled! Last night I was planning on knitting the Hadley that I am making for my teenage daughter. Unfortunately she and I had a huge fight before she left for a sleepover at a friend’s house. I was so angry with her that I could not knit the sweater! My tension would have been way off and more importantly, I would have infused the sweater with rage. I also might have ripped it out and moved on to a different project. This morning, my daughter apologized, so I will try to get back into the groove (with love!) this evening. Typical mother/daughter teenage conflict magnified by hormones! My poor husband is caught in the middle and is doing a great job of being supportive and constructive to both of us!


Here’s a really badly lit photo of the unblocked hem.


as promised, i took a day off to rest from my sleeve-and-yoke binge from the snowday on thursday. yesterday, i dove back in, and while my intent was to FINISH the colorwork part of the yoke, alas, i forgot that having upwards of 270 stitches in a row makes this lil knitter go a little slower than usual.

so, made it through 2 colors and a bit of the third, before needing to set it down.

but guess what y’all! we’re about to have ANOTHER FREAKING SNOWSTORM. southern vermont is expecting 10-16 inches in the next two days, so you know what that means: HADLEY OR BUST.

(also, as it is now approaching the look of a sweater, i aim to photograph it this afternoon)


That hem looks amazingly comfortable… I couldn’t envision how the two would go together. Looks great. Thank you .


I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, but I’m only a week late, or so. Swatching worked out, after I went down a size, and down a size in the needles, and I’m now dipping a toe into the Hadley waters by knitting the sleeves first. I’m a loose, loose knitter, so I’m down in the 3.5mm needle range to get gauge, but I know I tighten up something fierce when I do two color work, so I’m following the suggestion I read (here?) to turn the work inside out, to make the floats travel a little farther around the outside of the knitting.
Did an on-the-fly color switch-out when I decided I didn’t like two of the colors I’d chosen, and have now scaled back on the rainbow effect.


I’m back in the game! I got started on Feb. 1 but ended up with a broken tip on a needle (I still blame my boyfriend for it although the argument could be made that it was my fault which I will deny to the death) and I had planned to run up to the yarn shop on Thursday to replace it. Of course, that was the day that a massive amount of snow was predicted. Oye! So on Wednesday night I went looking for a needle to start another project for the snow day and, lo and behold, I found a bag with some vintage needles that a friend gave me when her very elderly mother passed away. There it was–exactly what was needed. I found my Hadley which I had flung somewhere when I found the broken needle (yeah–I flung it–I’m not proud of that) and cast on again.

Got a good start and realized I was doing 1x1 ribbing instead ouf 2x2 ribbing. Ripped it out and started again. Then I pretty quickly realized I was knitting with the tail and not the yarn from the ball and started again. I got a good chunk of ribbing done in during the snow (and shoveling, and eating junk food and my favorite tacky casserole) and, when it all stopped we decided a trip right down the block to the local pub was in order. It’s always fun to go to a pub in the snow. I brought my Hadley and somehow (couldn’t have been the wine) misaligned the ribbing. Apparently, my Hadley decided to bang back!

I’m back on track and cruising along nicely. I’m done with the waist decreases and almost up to the bust increases And yes, I read the directions all the way through. At the rate I’ve been going I’m avoiding any easily avoidable problems.

I do love vintage needles. I find them sturdier and, somehow warmer. And the packaging!! If I find them with the packaging I feel like I won the lottery. This one, however, was a doozy. Talk about necessity being the mother of invention. The needle was stuck in this card to keep it safe.

Here’s the front.

And the back.

I think they’re fantastic!