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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


1st sleeve partially done & using magic loop


Here is the color work on the first sleeve. Slow going on that. Started increases after the end of the chart.


SO, I was banging along on the Hadley and I decided to use the picture frame thingie with inches on one “L” and cm on the other. I hear some people use them to count gauge… I got 18 over 4" in a couple of places. I had 256 stitches on my needle which gives me a chest circumference of 58 2/3"… I’m shooting for about 50" bust ( with ease). Guess who’s ripping? I only had about 15" of the body knit… no big…


This is THE BEST Hadley story yet! I seriously do not want anything else to get in your way and yet your writing style had me cracking up so on with the adventures!


Beautiful! I think you could bang out TWO Hadleys in a month.


I seem to remember reading a post Ann did about the “inside out” color-work method. Can’t find it. Can you give more info as to how this is done? My first in-the-round, color-work sleeve was getting tighter by the round. I think this trick would be helpful, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Thanks!


I can’t remember how far back I read it (but I think it was in the lounge, here). But the basic idea is that you turn your in-the-round work inside out, and then work along the ‘far’ side of your knitting, so that the floats need to stretch around the ‘outside’ of the circumference of the knitting, and thereby end up being a little longer (I especially notice this when I move from one DPN to the next, as the angle is pretty acute, and the floats take the long way around).
I don’t know if I’d notice this effect on the body of the knitting, where there’s many more stitches, but it is really very obvious on the smaller real-estate of the sleeve.


Come to think about it… it might have been Jane Richmond, writing about her West Coast Cardigan where I first read about knitting sleeves in colorwork inside-out to keep the floats a bit longer.
And for full disclosure, I cast on the sleeve, and knit it up until the color kicked in, while it was still right-way out, and once the colorwork is done, I’m gonna be popping the sleeve right-way out again to work on the basic stockinette. Knitting it inside out, while it sounds like it would be just so ordinary, is actually a bit more ‘awkward person that’s just learning to knit’ for the first round or two.


Finally, the colorwork! So pretty, and I really love the here-and-there purl stitches, which end up looking sort of like French knots! Don’t skip them! (It’s easy to do so unintentionally if you’re not working in really good light. Those little black dots get sucked into the background.)


I love the colors that you are using! Your Hadley will be beautiful


Gorgeous color choices!


Thanks! I’ll give this a try!


Hi Wendy–it’s pretty simple! All you do is turn your work inside out. Now
all the stranding is out the outside of the tube. You’ll notice that the
front side is easily visible on the inside of the tube. You’ll keep
knitting as usual, in the same direction as ever, just watching the inside
of the tube to see the front side. No need for purling or knitting in the
opposite direction, or anything crazy like that. I think if you’ll turn
your work inside out, you’ll see what I’m talking about. It does make a
difference in the way your stranding behaves.


Looking forward to seeing where you are & what a great idea for commemorating the record snowstorms…


I don’t have any progress to display right now but I do have a concern. I swatched with one of my secondary colors, which was a medium green. When I soaked it to block, a lot of green showed up in the soaking water. My main color is ecru and now I’m really concerned about the pattern colors running into the main color. My other colors are blue, cinnamon and gold.
Any ideas?


I really like your colors! What a great idea to have a dark main color and only 1 contrasting color. Wish I had thought of that…


Put some vinegar in the water when you soak it. That should help with the bleeding.


If your double points are packaged 4 needles to a set splurge on a 2nd set. Put your stitches on 4 needles and knit with a 5th. That will make the angle between needles 90 degrees better all the way around for me.


So I’m the snail (sloth?) in this crowd, but I finally made it past the colorwork on the first sleeve. It’s subtler than I thought it might be, but I think it’s more my style than shouts of color would be, and there’s no way that I’m frogging or starting again, so these colors are now carved in stone.
Dark grey heather, purple heather, and a wee bit of black on a pale grey heather background. Patons Classic Wool (partly) from the stash. The cuff purple is from doing the two-ball cast-on (with pale grey and purple), so I can do the same on the body, and don’t have to worry about the long-tail running out over the large number of stitches.


I really like the color at the cuff, would have never thought to use 2 colors. I think I might borrow your idea even though I used a 1x1 ribbed cable cast on for the body.