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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


I should be back to color work tomorrow. Looking forward to giving this a try! Thanks!


@nellknits-- Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


Hi - I’m new here in the lounge and not a lot of sweater knitting experience so I have a question.
Just finished the last round of my body and took out all the markers except the BOR. Next I am supposed to BO 8. The BOR marker is in the middle of those 8 stitches. So do you just move it and put it back on after the 8 stitches are bound off? Such a stupid question but I’ve not seen it written like this in
the few sweater patterns I’ve knitted. Appreciate your thoughts - Thanks! Barbi


Your Hadley is looking fantastic! I did what you did with the stitch marker. You’ll want to have a stitch marker on the other side of the sweater as well, placed in the same way as the BOR marker–in the center of the 8 bound-off stitches.

Way to go!


Thanks, Ann! I actually forgot about the side marker - you saved the day with your reminder :slight_smile:


I love the purple cuff! I will have to try that on my next sweater. I also love the colors you chose for the sweater.


I just happened to have Chia Goo needles which are 9 to 12" circs…,it made it easier I think than Dpns. But I think when the colorwork is involved I have loved the little circs


OK…this is proverbial problem for me when reading instructions. I am a little late to the party so I am at the waist shaping, decrease round. The directions read “dec 12 sts this rnd, then every 8 rounds 3 times”. So, does this mean to knit the decrease round, knit 8 rounds, then another decrease round? Or, does the decrease happen on the 8th round? So confused…Or maybe just old. LOL
Thanks for the help


I always wonder that. Always! This time, I decided “every 8 rounds” meant the same as “every 8th round”. Meaning, I completed my first decrease round, then knit 7 rounds, then did the next decrease round as the 8th round.


I agree with Margaret, here the decreases happen on the 8th round.


Thank to @nellknits and @margaret for their speedy replies!


I’m on a roll…How about a your favorite method for joining this Shelter yarn? I am nearing the end of the first skein, and since you all are so wonderfully responsive, I thought I’d just put it out there. Thanks in advance.


Robin - I’ve been doing the “spit” join and it works really well. Just unravel about an inch on both ends, add some liquid (AKA spit) rub it in a bit then roll the join really quickly between your palms to felt it a bit. First time I’ve ever used this join and am very happy with it.


I have one sleeve done, one sleeve 2/3 to bind off, and body shaping done.

I just started knitting last spring and knitted all three sons and husband wool socks. The other night I happened to overhear middle son telling his younger brother how to hand wash his wool socks! Middle son kept asking me to show him how to knit and I initially ignored his request. Finally, this winter, I showed him how to cast on and the knit stitch. He says he understands why people like to knit. He believes I was holding out on him in teaching him; that I should have taught him how to knit years ago. He is making a nineteen striped Harry Potter scarf in the round. His stitches are even! Youngest wanted his own but separate project. He learned to crochet and is making a vertically striped scarf that alternates rows of double crochet with rows of back post double crochet.

I was pleased with the floats on the Colorwork by just occasionally stretching out the stitches in the right needle so the floats wouldn’t be too tight. But loved learning about turning the work inside so the floats travel along the outside perimeter. Such a fun technique.

I have enjoyed the pattern’s shaping and Colorwork and so pleased with the yarn.


I’m on this bandwagon as well. I did my decreases on the 8th round.


I have been going back and forth between knitting on the body and knitting on the sleeves. I only have one pair of size 7 needles because I am a new knitter and bought my first and only set of wonderful interchangeable needles just last summer. I remembered I can use the size 7 on my working needle to maintain the gauge and go down a size on the left needle which is just holding the stitches and not affecting the gauge. This allows me to be able to choose if I want to work on the body or the sleeves.

The sleeves were done with magic loop but I am intrigued to learn to knit with five double point needles.


My Grandma Amelia was gender less in her approach to knitting also. My youngest brother knit slipper socks as she called them & now proudly admits to knitting! Great that your boys are enjoying the art & dexterity while making Harry Potter fashions!


Chiming in to agree with @prenney
I break the yarns, divide the 2 strands about 2 inches, then break 1 inch off one strand of the divided 2. When the old and new ends are intermingled, it layers the transition more smoothly.


I finished last night. I restarted several times and had a day delay with the sleeve color work.


Beautiful @kymberlee63 ! Congrats on finishing!