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Bang Out a Hadley: My Progress


here it is! still need to weave in a couple ends, and block, but finished the armholes this morning, tried it on this weekend, and it fits perfectly! this has been a ball! i can’t believe i made this beautiful thing.


Oh wow, such beautiful "finished " sweaters already! I am on my second sleeve - obviously a weekend knitter. The plan is to bang it out by my birthday on Feb. 27. Two weekends to go. Love seeing everyone’s color choices and variations!


I think the spit join works very well with this sticky Shelter yarn. But I’ve also been trying out the braided join that was described by someone on one of these Hadley threads, I think. Sorry I can’t be more specific. It makes a very secure and invisible join, and it’s easy to do.


Here’s the video of the braided join that was posted at the beginning of the KAL:


Very pink knits has a great you tube video showing you how to do this. Super easy and you will be amazed the first time you do it!


Color dominance affect is interesting in Fair Isle designs.

I did the sleeve design with the Contrasting Colors dominant by always bringing the CC yarn from behind the background yarn so it travels more entering the front more perpendicular , a little looser, and stands up more in the design. I kept the background (Fossil color) closer to the back of the fabric and passed it infront of the CC yarns when switching so it has a shorter travel and lies flatter. I’ll try working the yarns the opposite on the yoke to see if I notice the difference of the background yarn evenly dominating just a little bit over the other colors with this yarn.

The sweater in the pattern’s photos look like it was knitted so the contrasting colors are dominant, whereas the sweater on the MASK site advertising the KAL looks like it is knitted so that the background color is dominant. I find both attractive. Main thing is to keep the dominance consistent as you knit that area.


That’s it. Thank you very much.

It’s an excellent join, I think.


So here’s the colorwork in Sleeve 1. I like the colors, but I’m thinking of duplicate stitching a dot

of the green (“Sap”) above the red (“Homemade Jam”) points or in the wide spaces in the second, third, or fourth row of blue (“Almanac”). Thoughts?


I like it the way it is, but the beauty of duplicate stitch is that you can try it, and if you don’t like it, pull it out.


Nell, do you need to modify EZ sewn bind off for the ribbed pattern or just follow her method as diagramed in her book Knitting w/o Tears regardless of it being used on ribbed or not.


HEY! My birthday is 2/27 toooooo! What fun. Happy early birthday to you, birthday twin!



Progress. (And a kid home sick) :hugs::tada::mask:


Thanks a bunch for the help


You do not, the method is always the same. Fair warning - Shelter is often difficult to seam/sew with as the motions can untwist it. I hope that if you choose this method it works perfectly.


Would this work on cotton? (No wool)


I’m doing the inside out method on he second sleeve. Working great, but still slow going on the color work.


Yes, the braided join works with any fiber.


Thank you for your help!


I attached the sleeves last night and began decreases. But the best part? My sick kiddo said "will you teach me to knit?"


That’s so great! Congratulations!!!