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Help! My Sweater Is Huge


Lucky lucky lucky LUCKY friend!! :smile:


That’s cool!
I always wonder about the butterfly effect of these things. Friend loves it. Friend is warm. The sweater moves into a new space where it is seen, and perhaps inspires. Inspires!

I hope no one minds my chiming in with a smile and thumbs up at this 199 day old thread. There’s a big warning to the right of the box here asking me if I’m sure I want to do this?

I am. I’m sure I want to give a wave and shout out to that beautiful sweater, and the lovely person who knitted it. How’s things been going? :smiley:


Things are good! I have since knit two perfectly fitting sweaters! Lesson learned


I took a workshop with Josh Bennett, a knitter/designer who does knitwear for high end stores. The topic was making your knitting more professional. One thing he emphasized was making a LARGE swatch, like half a sleeve’s worth, then block it. You can’t really know how the yarn will drape/feel/behave with a 4” swatch. Hope this is useful information going forward!