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How can I whiten some yellowed handspun sheepswool yarn/garment?


How can I whiten some yellowed handspun sheepswool yarn/garment?


If there is no colorwork, try dissolving some oxy clean powder in water as hot as you can stand before a boil and soak it (don’t agitate so it doesn’t felt) you won’t need much powder, but it brightens many things. If something very dear, I might try on a spot first to see if it does anything, it I’ve used it on Kilim rugs and it hasn’t done any damage.


thanks, I may try this, but am reluctant to use “very hot” water on this
one … would definitely take your advice to try on a spot (or a swatch)
Pat M.


I have a friend who is a fiber engineer and she always says diluted hydrogen peroxide is the way to go.


Absolutely better safe than sorry. I have not tried it, but I bet you could dissolve the powder in very hot water and let it cool. It might still work, but I have no idea!


One gallon cool water to 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide OR 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar + 1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 teaspoon mild dishwashing liquid + 1 gallon cool water.

Let soak in a plastic bucket, gently agitate by hand every so often, rinse thoroughly in cold water, lie garment flat to dry.


I found that Oxyclean doesn’t work on wool socks., although it is great on cotton and linen. Wool likes to be in an acid solution and the Oxyclean is probably too basic.


Thank you. We use it for stains on our wool rugs, but then we aren’t looking to brighten. I’ll research the acid solution. I’m thinking vinegar and lemon juice and detergent or something like that.