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Let's talk knitting apps!


I just use Stash2Go to upload pics to my projects on raw and sometimes to browse patterns when I’m bored and not near a computer.

I also use Adobe PDF Reader on both my computer and iPhone, synched across the adobe cloud, to manage my patterns. This way when I mark off lines I’ve completed, it’s updated across both devices. It’s basically like printing a pattern and crossing off with a pen, except I can’t lose the paper b/c it’s in the cloud.

I also have a row counting app called “Row Counter.” It’s simplistic in that it can only count rows for a single project at a time, but I love it b/c it has an Apple Watch component so I can mark rows completed without having to pull out my phone – handy so I don’t have to set my needles down after each row! Then lastly I also have an app called “Knit Counter” where I keep track of my row counts per-project b/c the other one only does one project at a time.

I apparently have knitCompanion installed but I have never used it and I’m not sure when/why I would… I’m sure it was recommended to me at some point.


Can’t see it on Android. Thanks though.


There are a couple that I use fairly regularly. StashBot, so that I don’t just mindlessly buy yarn (ok, a little bit mindlessly, with an attempt at making it meaningful) and Needle Travel so I can find more places to use StashBot when I’m out of town. :joy:


I also have Knit Companion and, like you, can’t imagine why I downloaded it. Except, of course, it has ‘Knit’ in the title.


I use Knitcompanion when I need to keep track of rows, like when I’m doing lace or multiple cables or colorwork. I bought it when it first came out, it seems harder to use now! But there are tutorials and once you get it working, it’s wonderful. Do the tutorials, it’s great when you have a cable project and you have chart A, B, C, B, A. You can stitch them all together and it keeps track of rows and is really helpful when your cable crossings are all on different rows!

I use PDF expert on my iPad. I love how easy it is to highlight and write all over the pattern. For some reason I use PDF Reader on the phone, I use my iPad more for knitting.

I also have JKnit, but haven’t figured out how to use that one!


I have half a dozen knitting apps on my iPhone but the one I seem to use most often is a handy little app called “KnitEvenly.” What it does is calculate the spacing of increases and decreases for you. You enter the number of stitches on your needles and how many you want to increase or decrease.

It calculates the spacing of the increases or decreases evenly across your stitches, and it does it in two ways. Option 1 is the simpler, easier way and Option 2 is the more exact even distribution.

Another use for it is to pick up stitches along a knitted edge, for example a button band where the pattern specifies how many stitches to pick up.

I think it was $1.99 and well worth it. Unfortunately, there’s no Android version right now.


I never worry about matching pattern gauge any more since I started using Gaugefy. (available for both iOS and Android).

I swatch for a fabric I like with the yarn I’ve got, then in Gaugefy I plug in the gauge of the swatch and the pattern gauge, and it will calculate all the stitch count and row count adjustments I want. Takes a little time to mark up a pattern with it, but I use it to do the math on every pattern including sweaters.


So Sorry! I love it. Email android!,


The app i use regularly now is JKnit Lite the free version. It lets you download pdf patterns and has a highlighter line to move along to keep track of where you are.


Although it’s not an app, there’s this web page How to Space Evenly Across a Row which is free, although perhaps not as handy to get to on your phone.


Thats a great page! I am also a huge fan of


I too use knitcompanion for exactly the same reasons you do terrynmt. I love the portability of it and it makes working from charts so easy!


I like Beecount for a basic counting app. I have Knitting Buddy as well but haven’t done much with it.

I have Stash2Go on my iPad, (I think that’s the right name!) but not much else. Right know we’re using a phone on the Android platform but we’re going back to Apple as a Christmas gifts to ourselves. I think Apple had better apps…but I could be biased. :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I use KnitCompanion and find it very helpful. I’m a relatively new user and haven’t scratched the surface.
It’s very robust, offers great tutorials, and there’s a lively support thread on Ravelry.
I store my patterns on DropBox, too. Still learning how to work with the iPad.
Tip: change the iPad setting so the screen will stay on while using KnitCompanion and won’t time out due to inactivity… :relaxed:


I really like Stashbot. I use it when I am shopping…and when I am figuring out what to do with weird things from my stash.

One of my friends uses Knitcounter and loves it. I can see that I have things to look for…


I also use Stashbot all the time when shopping. It’s fabulous.


Not a knitting app, but rather than using DropBox or for my patterns, I just use my Carbonite mobile backup of my computer to access patterns. I can access from my iPad or iPhone or any other computer. And it backs up my computer automatically so I never have to remember to do that, either.

I use Notability if I’m going to be using a pattern a lot; I can annotate it as I go.


Did anyone Knitmap yet? I didn’t see it. Whenever I’m in a new town, that’s the first thing I check!


I love KnitEvenly. I use it all the time. I even used it the other day to calculate where to put nails in the wall for picture hanging.


RE: KnitCompanion - I’ve had it since it first came out, but I was away from knitting for a while and when I went back to use it, it has been updated and for the LIFE of me, I can’t make heads or tails from it. I need to dedicate myself to mastering it.

I have heard that people use GoodReader for patterns and tracking, but I have yet to invest the time in to master that. I love the idea of using technology to aid my knitting efforts, but for me, for now, it is good old paper, sticky notes and string to keep track of things.