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Let's talk knitting apps!


I use iKnitCounter when knitting from paper patterns/books. I love that you can track as many things as you want simultaneously. Frogging, resetting and and having counters automatically restart for repeats is fantastic. The KnitCompanion versions of these are clunkier IMO.

For virtually all digital patterns I use KnitCompanion. Quick Start is great for the easy ones when all you need to do is count and keep your device awake (which you can’t do on iBooks or from Google Drive, where I store my patterns).

I swear, I don’t think I would knit anything with a chart if I didn’t have KnitCompanion to excerpt them (plus keys and whatnot). Currently I have Starsky (complicated chart IMO) and Ginny’s Cardigan (pretty easy chart IMO) on the go and I love it.

I travel a lot on business so being able to carry an endless number patterns with their counters around is awesome. Kinda like a stash of audiobooks!


I downloaded VK Knitting Buddy app many years ago and have used it to keep track of my knitting needles - so that when I’m away from home (like now) I can see what I have. Also useful to remind me when I have mislaid a needle or two… But it apparently is obsolete and not being updated. Are there any other apps that can do this?g


Ravelry has a needles and hooks page. Pretty basic, but it might help. I, of course, stopped keeping mine up to date long ago.


I have Stash2Go on my android phone I got it through the Google Play Store.


I use GoodReader for most patterns I download. It’s great for keeping lots of patterns in one place and super easy to highlight the size information as I knit through the pattern. I also add notes as I go along.
If I’m working from a chart I definitely use KnitCompanion. No more colored tape for me, unless I want to watch something at the same time…but then I shouldn’t be knitting from a chart. I also need to invest more time in learning how to best use it’s bells and whistles. One trick I did find is that I highlight size and stitch count information in GoodReader first, then move it over to KnitCompanion.


Thanks for the tip! Will check out GoodReader. Have used KC a few times and have lots more to learn about it.