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Logalong: Inspiration for Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Knitalong


I love log cabin knitting. I’ve done 2 court here use steps for bedside table tops (since someone lost the glass tops. Don’t ask. Didn’t break, lost!); ans a queen-size Moderne Log Cabin in cotton and an UFO baby blanket two colors - one large square with CC strips that create smaller squares withIn it.

I’ve been thnking of making the NinePatch Log Cabin in Brown Sheep, so I can have a summer one and a winter one. But I’m color challenged and indicisive. Wondering if anyone else is doing this or has specific color ideas. TIA!!!

P.S. Elsewhere in The Lounge I just read of a giftee loving their Brown Sheep Station Wagon, so I thought perhaos my idea is worth pursuing.


I’ve begun my first log cabin knit blanket with the wonderful MDK Nine Patch blanket kit. I have a basic idea in my head, but we shall see how it morphs along the way! Thank you to Ann and Kay for the Log Cabin Field Guide, luscious yarn, and incredible inspiration!


Just finished my Log Cabin Mitts. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden. I used a little more than 1 skein. They are definitely fraternal twins.