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Need Help with Yarn Substitution for Corrugated Shawl Please!


Fell in love with the Field Guide No 5. All of the patterns are stunners! Number one on my list is the Corrugated shawl. L.O.V.E. But I want to make the creamy colored version. Is there a substitute for the Caravan? That color doesn’t seem to be on offer in the shop now. Can I sub Shibui Baby Alpaca, a DK weight? Swatched on #4, 5, but the Shibui isn’t the same fiber content. Perhaps there’s another yarn which might be suitable? Or will the cream Caravan be restocked? Thank you!


So glad to hear you’re enjoying Field Guide No. 5. More Caravan in the Authenticity (creamy) shade is on the way! Will let you know as soon as we have it back in hand–it’s on the way from New Mexico even as I write.


Good! I had the same question!


Prior to buying Field Guide No. 5 (as if I wouldn’t!), I had just bought Sequence Knitting (after waiting a number of years to do so). The Field Guide is an excellent companion to the book. It weighs about 1/100 of the book and explains things in ways this hard head can understand. That said, Sequence Knitting is worth its weight in gold. As for the Corrugated Shawl, so glad you will be restocking the Caravan in Authenticity soon. I am. trying. to. re.sist…


I think the beauty of a shawl is that gauge doesn’t really matter. Use any yarn you love. I have some ancient bright orange silk DK in stash that I might use. It will be different but hopefully still pretty!