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Pattern ideas for the Rifton yarn?


I am still looking for pattern ideas for my skein of Rifton! Thanks


Ooh there’s a new one. Ephemera:

I still also love Metronome and Chopmist and Hei (the one I made myself). Would love to see more options.


I’m thinking of making Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis scarf ( again with my Rifton. Imagine those subtle Rifton color changes on the bias…


Oh, what a great idea! Thanks!


How could I have forgotten about Clapotis! The fact that it is knit on the bias, and the dropped stitch columns, will show beautifully in Rifton.


I think I’m going to turn my skein into Dotted Rays -

I like the shape better than a triangle-type shape with straight lines and sharp corners.


Perfect! Should show off the yarn very nicely!


I purchased two skeins of Rifton and a coordinating solid colour. Would love to make a whole garment, but haven’t seen anything yet to inspire me. Any sweater/tunic suggestions?


I was thinking about the sweater with solid stockinette cuffs and stripes that I thought Ann Weaver designed - which wasn’t correct, but I did find this one, The Rothko Sweater, which she did.

eta : I did find the other mon petit gilet raye


Thank you! They are both lovely. I will make the Rothko sweater, which will look great with solid-colored panels. :slight_smile:


Wow, love the petit gilet raye! (little striped jacket)!


I’m knitting the Project Peace Cowl out of my skein of Rifton. It’s perfect, and there is enough yardage to do the i-cord bind off. I’m really enjoying this project, little by little, as it grows.


I also have two cakes of rifton, Appalachian trail with 6 blue and green solid skeins to possibly make a throw. With my other 2 rifton cakes I just started a throw hoping to emphasize the color changes. I found a graph that had you starting out with 8 sts and adding yarnovers between to make the beginning of 4 triangles. So far in one day I’m up to 50 stitches between yarnovers on each triangle. It’s really enhancing the color changes nicely and they should form a nice square without having to join anything.


That sounds lovely. Please send a picture once you get going!


I will. If you look at the Boneyard shawl on ravelry with rifton yarn it should look like that except square.


Finally decided on L’enveloppe: . Am enjoying seeing the colour changes developing!


I bought the same, I have 2 skeins and 1 coordinating and am hoping to knit a sweater. I’m going to try Carol Feller’s Lagarto,

If it disappoints, I will unravel and put one in stash and make the self-striping Dotted Rays, which I love - and then I guess I’ll enhance the stash with the extra. :wink: