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Sommerfeld Shawl from Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin


I’m not sure, mainly because the blocking instructions says to “push it into shape”.

The bind off for the vertical short rows is really tight. Then again the designer does say this is what gives it structure!

One good thing IMHO is it’s going to be large. At 5’9" and certain size I want a shawl that will wrap around me and not a shawlette which seems to be a trend


Here it is ready to start on the North end. I can actually just see the end in Sight! I was hoping to be done at two months. I’m taking a trip in 3 weeks…hopefully it will be done by then.

The colors are close to true, only the white is a very pale lavender.


So great, and I love the colors!


That looks lovely. You will love wearing it


I love it too very pretty colors.