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Tips, Tricks and Little Bits of Magic


Counting increase or decrease rows:

I went on vacation and didn’t bring my counting stitch marker (the barrel kind with turning numbers). I used a piece of yarn in contrast color, and laid it between stitches on the increase round. It was easy to count how many bars were above the scrap yarn, and I moved the yarn from back to front (or front to back) on each increase round.

I actually like this better than my row counter, because I can see at a glance how many increases I’ve done (seven). This is the sleeve of my second Stopover.


This is a brilliant and VERY visual solution.


I have found that sewing the ends down with a bit of sewing thread helps a lot. Those cotton ends just want to wander but knotting them down with thread really helps. Make sure to sew into both your end and your sweater.


My favorite tip for knitting sock gussets (thank you, Wendy Johnson) is to replace the m1 with kfb. No need to remember which increase (m1R or M1L) to use and I can see the increases easily. Work the kfb in the first and next to last stitches of the gusset.