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Traveling to India: What to Knit?


I’m going on a 15+ day trip to India at the end of the month, and am at a loss about what to bring to knit. There will be a lot of traveling to and within India - so I anticipate lots of mindless knitting while listening to podcasts, books, and music. However I worry about bulk. I was thinking of knitting small mitered squares out of Noro sock yarn, but would LOVE your input and ideas!

Thank you!


I travelled to Vietnam a couple years ago. I took a sock on wooden needles to knit on the plane (small project because not much space on an airplane) and a linen shawl/wrap to knit while traveling on the ground (because it was too hot to knit with wool). It had an easy to memorize, four row repeat pattern so I wasn’t juggling instructions and charts. I had an extra skein of sock yarn in my checked bags so I’d have something to knit on flight back.


Oh, Sarah, I envy you! I went to south India for my half-sister’s wedding two years ago, and it was such a stunningly memorable trip. I took only a pair of socks, and didn’t even work on them–I was so wound up over everything I was seeing that I never found a quiet moment to knit. On the way home, I wrote in my journal pretty much the whole way–two nine-hour flights, my head spinning.

Definitely go with a small project–lace, or socks, or little squares as you say. You’ll need room for all the TEXTILES you will bring home. Would love to hear how this trip goes! Pix, please!!!


Just have to say how much I enjoyed your trip as shared on MDK!


If I was going to India (pausing to enjoy that fantasy for a moment) and would be spending many hours as a passenger, I’d take just an ounce (maybe 2) of laceweight cashmere and wooden needle/s - probably a circ, because harder to lose under the seats of a plane/bus/train. You can get a LOT of knitting mileage from an ounce of laceweight and a simple, easy-to-memorize lace pattern for a scarf or neckershawl or such. Have a splendid trip!


Now I’m going to India for business in a week. Never been. I have so many questions, but my top two are what to knit on the plane rides and what to wear. I have plenty of lace weight, so it’s finding an easy pattern. I love garter stitch and am not a big fan of lace. Would love any ideas.

As for what to wear…I am not interested in fashion but I am interested in fitting in where I go. I don’t mind covering up. But I don’t know where in Seattle I’m going to find lightweight cotton clothing and I only have 6 days to shop before I leave.


Try doing a laceweight piece (scarf or shawl) in garter stitch on bigger needles. But knit through the back loop on every stitch. You’ll get a really cool pattern.


Thanks! I have a skein of Wollmeise lace-garn all wound up and ready to go!