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I love your socks! Could you share the general construction notes? They kind of remind me of the sock-monkey socks.


A question for you: Did you make the little doll in the background? She is very pretty. Also, I love the socks, they look like sock monkey socks.


After finishing the Purl Soho Pullover, I realized that I had over-estimated the yarn requirements, and had a nice pile of hand-wound balls leftover. Oh look. A Honey Cowl has leapt onto the needles. Thank you all so much for all the great inspiration in this community!


Currently on my needles, Hulda Striped Pullover (from Northern Knits):

Einband on US1s (that’s the size that got me stitch gauge). The whole project is taking forever because my row gauge is tighter than desired and I always need to add length for body and arms. Many, many rows on tiny needles. What was I thinking?! I’m trying to be monogamous because I back-burned it so many times in 2016, but I sooo want to cast on something else!


“Leapt onto the needles,” ha!


Currently knitting PussyCatHats, anxiously awaiting my yarn for a Hadley pullover!


I am also knitting pussycat hats. I have one done, and another on the needles. I have modified it this time to knit in the round, since I have a deep and abiding hatred of sewing seams.


They are toe up using Judy Becker’s magic cast on, after thought heel, the reverse of the toe, the rib is k3, p1. Hope this is what you wanted. Carolyn


I did knit the doll. The pattern is Theodora from There are many different patterns for clothes. She still needs hair braids added. Thanks for liking my socks.


…and my Honey Cowl leapt off the needles! The balance of the universe is restored :slight_smile:


Fabulous work there! Such a lovely easy knit. I find myself saying “I’ll just knit this one last row, and then do something else…” and it’s never JUST one last row. Yours looks squishy and delightful.


I finished a hat, and I am kinda in love with the stitch definition this yarn provided. Its a very fancy merino alpacca silky yarn that was gifted to me all the way from Canada many years ago. Finally made something out of it!


I love the socks! I also made the Thoedora doll. She is still naked though. She hangs out in my bookshelf.


A dishcloth fell out of the WIP pile at my feet. I had totally forgot about it. I finished it - grafting, ends, everything! While I was on a roll I worked the ends in on the chemo cap I finished the knitting on Christmas weekend and then delivered (donated) it along with one I finished earlier. Pulled out Kay’s favorite dishcloth (the ball band one) that was on needles and discovered it’s just 1 1/2 pattern repeats from being done - going to be next off the needles then back to one of the many scarves on needles. Keep me accountable, please knitters.


If the thing is attractive enough, but just not for me it goes into "gift inventory ". If it’s really butt ugly I tear it out and use the yarn for something else. That’s a lot of yarn, but it’s a lot of work for something you don’t like.


I just got sucked into two for a cousin, who’s never ever asked me for anything, and one for her friend. Totally went straight to in the round and will graft the top seam. I absolutely abhor the shade of hot pink they chose. GAH! But we persevere for family.


I’m also knitting in the round. Most of the LYS are running low on pink yarn, so I ended up with something more fuschia, bordering on purple. I was trapped at my LYS yesterday when the skies opened up, and this purply-pink skein looked about right, as I was working on my Honey Cowl (you can see it peeking through the middle of the cowl) So I brought it home with me. It’s now two hats, which go in the mail this morning to two friends who need something warm for their DC trips.


Two pussy-cat hats done. I probably have time to do one more before I have to send them off. Knit without ceasing.


I have gone for production on the pussyhat project. I am knitting the hat as a rectangle, per most of the patterns, but using a knitting machine - my trusty superba - and sewing the side seams on the sewing machine. I use a 2mm wide 3mm long zigzig stitch. Have sewn up knits for years. Making hats 4, 5 and 6 today.


@marthabilski @Ann1 @woolyeyes @abland

Thanks to all your cabling wisdom, I’ve completed the front of my Amy Herzog sweater! Doing the sleeves now, which have one windblown cable each. This was a nice, gentle introduction to a cabled sweater.

Now I’m thinking Na Craga with Virtual Yarns Selkie. Is that mad? What is your absolute favorite sweater project of all time?