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Join me for a pity party because misery loves company.

I have not been able to knit for 7 weeks. I used to knit for hours every day and now–nada. Poor me. I know things are bad all over but I can’t effectively escape without knitting.

I had the large tear in my rotator cuff repaired and my bicep tendon reattached in January and I can’t use my right arm yet. Now the other shoulder is heading south. What a mess. I am not making anything but trouble.

I will bang out a carbeth as soon as I can, but since I have been pretty inactive for over a year there is no way I am going to make it cropped. I am at least twice the size of Kate Davies these days and what looks good on her (everything) will not necessarily work for me. Just one more note in my pity party song.

Not to mention the cruelty of the month of March. Thank goodness for MDK’s March madness, it is a nice diversion.

Knit on, I will catch up with you eventually.


Oh NO! I wish there were a darning method for rotator cuffs . . . : )

I hope you can get back to knitting soon–and on the way, I hope March Mayhem will give you something to poke around in!

Here’s to mending up soon!


I hope you feel better soon . I like March because it’s a sign that warm weather is on the way.


This is really funny. I looked at that picture and said this is perfect for the Madeline Tosh yarn I have in a similar red. I’ve been searching for the right project for it. I figured you were the designer and went to Ravelry and I already had it in my favorites! I think I was already lthinking it would work for that yarn but seeing the picture did the trick!


Ann, we need a sad button for posts like that. Can you add haha and sad buttons like Facebbok’s?


That pink yarn is delicious. What is it?


It is Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in the color Alabaster. That photo does not depict the color accurately. It is more of a warm beige color, not really pink at all.


Time to get knitting! I wore my gray one to teach at the Lantern Moon Retreat this week. Bliss on all counts.

I’m finding this shape to be very wearable; I like having the point of the wide end hanging in the front.


Fini! I loved knitting this charming accessory. The reeling shows the difference of yardage needed to do a knit bind off vs sewn bind off. The sewn bind off takes so much less.
Excellent info for when yarn chicken is afoot.

I have enough of the grey to knit another. What color should I choose now?
I’m going to begin my stack of presents early this year!

The pattern is from Marlisle by Anna Maltz and the yarns are Milo (grey) and Hayloft all of which are in the MDK shop.


Finally finished the National Park Centennial Celebration blanket from Smart Knits.


That’s incredible! What a brilliant and fantastic project, I’m in love.


wow that is just amazing! i could snuggle in that and plot my next national park adventure! brilliant.


Wow! I love this! Destined to be a treasured family heirloom.