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I just finished Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Sigla! And, I am seriously considering knitting another - this time in just 2 colors. While I did not beat my #bangout Stopover record of 35 hours, I got it done in no time at all! This is a sweater that fulfills that ‘instant gratification’ knitting urge we all get from time to time!


You look so great–what a perfect fit! And these colors are right up my
alley. Team Chartreuse would approve.


Thank you so much Ann! I really love the sweater and highly recommend knitting it!


its gorgeous! just in time for chilly weather.


WE need a badge for old-timer MDK readers. You’ve been through it all with us. So happy you’re still hanging out with us.


Cristina, we will be TWINS!

Except I’m not following the pattern. I seem to be constitutionally incapable. Anyway, that’s a whole 'nother story, which might appear here someday.


Thanks. You have lots of old time readers, I recognize 'em.


Agreed. Me too. Feels homey already.


I feel emboldened by your Rogue Knitting spirit to play with this pattern,
too, MaryNeal. I definitely want to give the entrelac a go, but I might not
do all daisies for the top.

I see from your MDK profile that you’re no longer Chicago-based! I fondly
remember that party at your Loop loft way back when. I hope you and your
menfolk are all well and I look forward to hearing about your future
knitting travels (Peru, perchance?).


I’ve fallen into making play food for my granddaughter’s pretend kitchen. There are more free play food patterns on Ravelry than you can shake a stick at. This week I crocheted a BLT and decided she needed more than the “multi-grain” slices I originally made. Once the other piece of “toast” is done later, I’ll be crocheting tiny animals to go in a giant mitten I want to knit to go along with the book, The Mitten, that I’ll give them for Christmas.


30 x 30 sounds just right for a stroller blanket or a drag-around lovie. Get those squares seamed up!


Ugh so good! A yarny BLT! With the bacon cooked just the way I like it!


Beautiful sweater! Love the pop of green…have just queued this one!


Thank you! It is a fun (and QUICK) knit!


I just made my 82 year old mother a triangular shawl with Caron Cakes in the Blueberry Cheesecake colorway. I like that it knit up so quickly. My mom no longer does her own laundry and cannot count on anyone where she lives to handwash anything so…


I am using the Faerie Cakes colorway. The Blueberry Cheesecake is pretty, too. I liked the Caron Cakes much better than I had expected, and there is a time and place for everything. They are great for old ladies, who traditionally wear pastels.
I was tempted by the rainbow sprinkles one for an afghan for me, but as my dog and cat will certainly lie on it, the Cakes won’t be durable enough. Time for Red Heart Super Saver, which comes in bright colors and might survive even a nuclear war. I have a friend who has a RHSS blanket on her bed that her now deceased mother made for her back in the eighties, still going strong. RHSS is not so scratchy after you wash it, and there is a time and place for everything.


I’m making a Foliage Hat ( for an 11-year old I’ve never met whose mother wrote to Together Rising’s Holiday Hands community ( to ask for letters of support for her daughter who is feeling picked on for being different (she’s a reader–that’s the reason she’s being picked on!).

Her story and simple request just broke my librarian heart, so I’m making her daughter a little care package of books and a hat in her favorite color–purple. I have Baby Bamboo that is super soft. I hope it will make this poor sweet girl feel like there are people who care about her and who don’t think reading is weird!


I’ve also got this on my needles. What a wonderful pattern!


I am in love with this modification! Plus felting has been on my radar. Now in my queue. :slight_smile:


My list is easy peasy - one husband, 2 adult sons = 3 pairs of 72 stitch socks, using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe. Last year they got hats, this year socks. 1 1/2 pairs done. Then I can get back to knitting for MEEEEE!