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I like pretty much all of the colorways in the Caron Cakes. :slight_smile:


Beautiful hat and such a touching story. My oldest was and still is a bookworm, as I was growing up. What a wonderful gift and I hope she feels the love in every stitch.


I’m on the home stretch of joining blocks on a log cabin blanket. Pondering a knitted on border. After making three other blankets you would think I’d realized the easiest way to do this three needle bind-off: only the working needle must be the right size. The two needles holding the stitches can be smaller, making it easier to poke in the working needle.

Of course I learned how to knit a log cabin from MDK.


I am just about done with another pair of the Yarn Harlot’s basic socks. They’re such a fun purse-project, and there always seems to be someone (yes, sometimes it’s me!) who needs another pair. :slight_smile: Nice work on the man-sized projects.


Thank you. I love the Together Rising event as most of the people who request support do it on behalf of other people or at a time when they are feeling really vulnerable. It feels good to be able to reach out and help someone with something that–for me–is easily accomplished. The child I’m knitting for doesn’t know her mom has requested anything, so each and every positive note she receives will be a new surprise. :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on Prism by Tin Can Knits. It was fast, but turned out big so I’ve been fiddling with it - lightly felted it and knit a tighter brim inside the original. Now I think it needs a Pom Pom…


I’m working on way too many things right now. But at some point in a project I find that I have to focus on just that project and get it done while its fresh in my mind and I want to be able to wear it! That’s how it is with this year’s Westknits MKAL. I’m halfway through section 8, that would make a medium size, one more section a large. But I think I’m done.


Did the felting help shrink it? Cool patter.


I like the snack-sized brioche moments in this shawl. Were they hard to


“Snack-sized” :smile_cat: They were the most fun part! I love the reversibility and squishiness of brioche!

I learned to do brioche last year when I knit the Askews me shawl and the mantra “knitting is supposed to be fun” kept going around in my head until I learned to how see my mistakes in brioche and then learned how to correct them. Dropping down a few rows in brioche and correcting a stitch sometimes would take me all night. And if I messed up on an increase or decrease and had to tink back…horrors. But I really learned what I was doing by making all those mistakes!

For an encore, I think I’ll do a two color i-cord bindoff!


Oooh! Or a badge for each year of letters you read! I’ve been systematically reading those. Still at 2014. Okay, that sounded sort of fangirlish. Ah, me.


As we say in Minnesota, “Oh, for cute.”


I’m trying to make some kid socks. Using two different toe up patterns. Leftover stash sock yarn. This is mostly an experiment to see if it works/fits, and if they’ll even wear them.


Thanks! Knit on, the holidays are coming!


I’ve found that washing something you made out of RHSS with (dollar store) shampoo and then conditioner helps with the scratchiness after only one wash. Make sure to rinse well though!


The washer and dryer do a pretty good job, although cheap hair conditioner is helpful even with nice yarn. Odd, isn’t it?


Just jumped in yesterday after putting aside a UFO intended selfishly for myself.
Bought yarn last year for Wurm hat and cast on yesterday. Already it look so too big for the small adult head I was planning it for. Hmmmm- start over or find another head?


I have a question- how do you post photos of your projects with your post?


I had trouble with this too! I usually use an iPad or iPhone and on those I can see on the bottom left in orange it says “upload”. On the computer there are icons above the text box and the 7th one from the left is a file tray with an arrow, if you hover your mouse over it, it will say “upload”.

Linking webpages is what I need to figure out on the mobile device. You know, there probably was a tutorial when I first signed up that I’ve neglected to read…


When you’re typing down in the little reply box at the bottom of your screen, there’s a series of icons across the top of the window that you’re typing into. The one with a little up-arrow (it’s right about smack in the middle of the icons) is an Upload icon (if you hover your mouse over it, it’ll say “Upload”. That’s the only way I found it).
Click on that icon, then it’ll take you to a window that says

            "From my device... [choose files] no files chosen"

If you click on the “choose files”, it’ll open up a window where you can click on a photo image that you’ve already saved to your computer.