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What I'm Making


I haven’t ever tried it with nice yarn :blush: Thanks for the idea!


I just finished my Building Blocks and ended with section 8 too. Instead of another section of AB (like section 1), I did the I-cord bind off in AB stripes.


Ranger Cardigan thanks to seeing Kay’s project. I’ve been working in secret as it’s a gift for my husband. Looks like it will be Christmas. I love making this!!


I love that color. Hope to see more as it grows.


I still have to block mine, but I’m happy with the finished product. I did my 2 color I-cord with C & D. It was a pain, but I’m happy I did the extra work.


Everyone has such lovely projects!

I am supposed to be knitting a dishtowel for my mom for Christmas, one of the Purl Soho slip-stitch dishtowels - this one is the three-and-one tweed. It is nicely mindless for TV knitting, although I’ve had to drop down about 30+ rows to fix a few errors (and I’ve just caught another one, argh). It’s KnitPicks CotLin, which is great for the intended purpose but not especially great to knit with, even for someone like me who likes to knit with cotton and linen.

(I say “supposed to be” because after a few days of knitting an entirely inelastic rectangle…I frogged a languishing project and cast on Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Sibella cardigan. Ignoring all my other languishing projects. Oops.)


Keep going! It’s lovely!


Are you a fan of Fruity Knitting podcast by chance?


Was unaware of it until your reply. One podcast watched, the rest to go!


Oh, great! Andrea made the windy scarf in blue and white!


I have lovely socks knit out of that Acid yellow purpley yarn - is that not Turner?
Looks great, my socks always look loose and not as tight as I want. Your trick?


I’m so excited to see another Ranger! In the same color as the one I made, I think. Hope your hubs loves it and wears it.



Thank you, Choosing buttons may be the hardest part!


I started knitting this sweater (top down swing coat Deb Gimmel on Ravelry). After many hours I decided that I didn’t like the look of the slipped stitches. They made too many vertical stripes. I wanted a cleaner look. So…I Ripped it out back to the collar. I liked the way it looked now but then the idea of having the jacket dip down over my butt and belly seemed pretty unattractive. I thought I could somehow square it off and eliminate the curves at the bottom. I just could not figure it out. I tried picking up stitches diagonally, and that was a mess. I thought if i cut it the appropriate stitches would be revealed! What a mess.

Maybe some day I might pick this mess up again and transform it, but I had to knit something small and easy to regain my equilibrium.

Knitting is humbling.

So I made this little hat for a dear new baby…Gianni

Happy Thanksgiving out there.


You cut your knitting? Strangely, I have tried knitting top-down a couple of times and it has had that effect on me as well.
Great hat, though.


My sympathies, I have had many such messes myself! Sometimes you need something to remind you that you can knit after all - that hat is just perfect!


This How to Log Cabin is finished. I snuggled with it last night at 2 am and it is the perfect weight for napping, comforting, and general soothing. Thanks, MDK, for translating my favorite quilt block to another language.


That is just gorgeous! A true work of art.


I am taking a little journey outside my grey color comfort zone. I do love purple and turquise, but i have never knitted a big garment in those colors before. The pattern is Lightweight pullover on Ravelry. And its my third time this year using this pattern!

…the cat is mr Cosmos. Aparently these colors are very much his comfort zone.


This is my first cabling project, my first sweater, and my first attempt at knitting to my dimensions!