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My Amy Herzog custom sweater! First time with cables. Anybody have a favorite resource for cables without a cable needle?


Looks great so far. I have the book and I am going to try to make a cabled sweater also. Not sure when I will get around to it.


I do like to watch videos, but the place I learned to cable without a cable needle was on [Grumperina’s] ( blog. There are links there to the right and left variations. Once I learned how to do it, it changed the way I knit and looked at cables!


Oh thanks! This is just what I was looking for! Yes!


Grumperina was how I learned, too! Life-changer! Day-maker! So easy, so


I only use a cable needle for very large cables or ones where there is something else going on at the same time. I just drop the moving stitches off and either trap them with my left thumb against the front of the left needle or pinch them between my left thumb and index finger to the back while I knit the other stiches. Then I just pick the loose stitches back up and carry on. I very rarely find that the yarn is so slippery that the stitches are hard to pick back up. Of course, I knit in the English style with the yarn in my right hand, so my left hand is available to manipulate the stitches.

It certainly makes life easier if you don’t have to keep track of a third needle when knitting something like this.


What gorgeous work! I started using your method last night, and I like it, though I need some practice. The wool really does hold its shape. Thanks for the advice!


Yes, that’s Malabrigo sock, colorway Turner - good eye! I think I knit tight, my bamboo DPNs do get sort of bent after a few pairs. And, I always knit my socks with #1 DPNs. I have one pair I used #1.5s on, they were too loose.


I thought your sweater pattern was an ambitious choice if you have never tackled cables before. It’s looking great so far.


Annie Modesitt’s book Confessions of a Knitting Heretic includes instructions on cabling without a cable needle. But I learned it from her in a class at a fiber event. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure Grumperina based her tutorial on Annie Modesitt’s lessons. That book is on my nightstand!


Just requested it from the St Paul Public Library! Yay!


I’m knitting a Super Cabled Christmas Stocking (expialidocious!). I gave the original away last year to a friend who was going to knit one but ran out of time. She gave me her yarn, and I just came across it a couple nights ago. Oh, heck, why not! So I’ve knit for two evenings, and have finished the heel turn. 10 rows and then it’s time for the toe shaping.

I decided I don’t like the needles I used last year, so I’m giving them away. Details here. Addi Turbo, US 17 (12 mm). Now knitting on Hiya Hiya Sharps.

Hoping to finish tonight; I’m participating in a pop-up Art & Craft show/sale on Friday, and would love for this to be in there, too.


Oh, there it is! The Upload icon…and here’s my first FO in the Giftalong


This is going to sound perverse, but I like the new method so much better that I ripped out the front piece and started over so it’s all the same! And it’s going fast!


I am attempting the Honey cowl for myself. I noticed in the gauge information it said. 5 stitches to the inch. Do I test it in the pattern? Or do a stockinette stitch? Thanks for your knowledge.



I am knitting up these little star ornaments to give as hostess gifts throughout the season! :christmas_tree::blush::gift:


Which pattern did you use? I like the addition of beads!


Here are the details. The yarn has sequins already woven in so you can just knit and get the sparkly result for no effort!


Thank you! I think you just answered my question of ‘what wee thing should I knit next?’