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Taking a break from gift knitting. It’s fixing to snow in my neck of the woods, so I made the Baa-ble Mittens to match the hat :smile:
(Paid pattern by Donna Smith on Ravelry, Baa-ble Mittens and Cowl, Baa-ble Hat)


If it’s about to snow, why aren’t you wearing socks?

Asked by a native Californian who thinks it was cold today when our peak temperature was 54F.


HaHa! It’s about 60 today. That’s Kansas for ya. Sandals today, snow boots tomorrow :slight_smile:


Very cute hat!! I have a couple sweaters that have morphed into totally different looks. It will come to you eventually!


What pattern did you use? or did you?


I’m working on an Angle Shawl “Vinkel Sjal” on Ravelry. I know - how crazy can I be to buy a Dutch crochet pattern that has to be translated and then work it in knitting instead. Thanks to Google it’s not that hard and it’s increases and decreases so all I really needed was the shape. REALLY want to finish as it is freaking cold her in MN right now and perfect wearing it weather. I’m working on a end tail.


I also crochet and when this pattern cropped up on Ravekry I thought how much better it would look knitted. Looking good.


It’s my Super Cabled Christmas Stocking pattern. I designed it last year for my friend Lorajean (Knitted Wit) Kelley’s super bulky yarn called Cotton Candy. Very fun!


Yes, and crochet would be awfully thick. Taken at that angle it’s looking a little off but I"m going to love it I’m pretty sure.


I finished my test knit sweater about a week ago, and I love the cables on the back.

Since then, I flew to Cleveland to watch my youngest sing (he got into a cappella in a big way in college and only started singing in senior year of high school, so we try to be supportive). Here’s a shot from the concert:

My travel knitting was a scarf for my 25 year old nephew (who LOVES scarves):

I decided to accept reality and my brother, SIL, and parents are all getting knitted gifts that had been stored on the “gift shelf” in my linen closet. I shipped their gifts and my nephew’s this morning, along with a few non-knit gifts to other relatives. My out-of-town holiday shipping is complete!

Oldest son told me that his girlfriend is unlikely for Xmas, but he will be here. I put the gift I had on the needles for her aside (Accelerating Cowl and Mitts, no photos yet), and went to work on a hat I am making for him. This is a twin to one I knit for his sister’s boyfriend two years ago. It is based on Purl Soho’s Reversible Hat, and this is what the outside will look like (it’s the name of their hockey team, and the jersey name is on the inside). I cast on last night and the increases are complete.

Once that is done, I can go back to the cowl and mitts for his girlfriend, finish the Station Wagon blanket for the two of them, and knit the remaining gifts for his sister and her boyfriend. We are likely to see the four of them shortly after New Years, so I have a bit of time.


What gorgeous knitting. Totally love seeing all these wonderful things. PS
Sofa Kings is a hilarious name for a hockey team!


That’s a great stack of knitting, and I love the jacket, too.
But I’m still guffawing over the team name.


The logo is a couch superimposed on a crown. My daughter’s team is The Goonies (as in the movie) with a skull and crossbones logo.

Many of the guys also went for joke jersey names. A friend is Baba Ganoush. The goalie is McSave. Daughter’s boyfriend is Mr. Chow, a nod to the cheap take out chain as well as his last name.

My son is Sparkles. He picked it before they got jerseys because he showed up for a practice after doing a 5K powder run and got teased for not getting all of the glitter washed out of his hair.


That’s a perfect set of Baa-bles!


I thought it was “Sopa Kings” and I thought that was a funny name for a hockey team!


I really like this and would love to see a pic of the whole blanket if possible. :heart:


Just finished a slouchy cowl.


Such lovely little patterns on the cowl. I adore the striking red/white combo.


2017 is going to be my Year of Finishing Stuff.
(and if that isn’t a grandiose plan, I don’t know what is)
In the spirit of that, I’ve dug through my stash and found some UFO’s that need love.
Here’s the first one. A Purl Soho Pullover in Shepherd Worsted. Still need to kitchener the armpits and take out the safety pin markers.
It was started on a choir tour in the Spring, and quickly put aside when it started getting too bulky.
So easy to knit, I might have to make another.
Next up, a Basic Black by Glenna C, that’s probably been in UFO limbo for three years, and only needs one front panel knitted up and then it all seamed. Fingers crossed I can keep the momentum…


Definitely worth finishing! Lovely color on you, too!