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What I'm Making


I finished all of my holiday projects, and now I am turning to a refreshing bit of crochet. I’m making Ruby, from the Leisure Arts Birthstone Afghans in Caron’s One Pound Soft Sage (which is really a bluish aqua. Not a fancy yarn, but well suited for the project.

I’ve also got a pair of plain socks on the needles in a bison blend custom dyed by Knit Circus. So far I am struggling to get a stitch count that will stripe for me :confused:


Vanilla socks! Wound some yarn for a Crete (thanks Ann). But I have to finish some other things first. Like socks.


I decided that 2017 is going to be the year of blankets. 2016 was a really difficult year for our family, and I’ve noticed that we all seem to like to curl up with a blanket. I’ve already got four blankets in progress, plus another to start this year:

  • Station Wagon Blanket - Mary Jane Mucklestone - knit strips, need to weave in ends and block, likely going to my husband
  • Floralia - Franklin Habit - knit most squares until I ran out of yarn, bought more yarn, need to wind so I can knit the rest of the squares, likely for me (This link is the only non-Ravelry one, as pattern does not seem destined for Ravelry.)
  • Pop! - Tin Can Knits - started eons ago, was my dance mom knitting, then daughter scaled back on dance classes, either for her or youngest son
  • Rowan Kaffe Fassett MKAL - no longer a mystery, and I ran out of steam when I didn’t love the finished afghan, but I bought all the yarn needed, so onward I go, either for daughter or youngest son (As an aside. . . what do you do when you jump in full force on a MKAL and then have all this yarn, have started knitting the mystery pattern, get behind, and then discover that if you knew what the finished product looked like, you never would have started in the first place???)
  • Marley - Tin Can Knits, Lorna’s Laces, Franklin Habit hosting - KAL started January 1st, using some stash and some purchased yarn to make this in my youngest stepson’s school colors

There might be other items in there if I get blanket fatigue, but this seems like the way to go right now.


I am making the Montgolfier Hat from the Interweave Holiday Knits 2016 magazine. I am using Wool-Ease I think but I have lost the band off the yarn. It feels like Wool Ease.

So far I have restarted about 5 times because I keep messing up the first row of cables. I have a few rows on the needles now and I am hoping my troubles with this hat are behind me.

Montgolfier hat


A ball band dishcloth in what turned out to be Texas A&M maroon. Whoop!


And done! First FO of 2017!


oh my goodness. This is beautiful. I can’t imagine knitting something so complicated, and I love the color choice. Great work.


Why, thank you! The yarn came as a kit and was the one used by the designer, Lucy Hague. It does reinforce the idea that the piece is based on fan vaulting in a cathedral.

More details can be found on my blog (


Your goal of finishing things has inspired me. Next up: a honey cowl in Rowan Felted Tweed Aran, Scree colorway, for myself. Using all the tips and tricks from @Kay in her Honey Cowl posts: casting one with two pieces of yarn, marking the end of the skein to know how to budget the last few rows, making it as wide as possible.


Thank you! Here’s a picture…had to haul it out and hang it on top of the fence to get everything in the photo! Right now it’s pinned onto a backing so I can hand-quilt it to another blanket. The goal is to keep it from stretching out!


I just finished a Honey Cowl, too! Out of leftovers from a blanket project in the spring. I’m loving the cowl (did the two-different-balls cast-on trick, and never flinched once about running out of yarn in the cast-on. I may do ALL my big cast-ons like this in the future).
In fact, I may cast on a new honey cowl tonight with leftovers from my Purl Soho Pullover…


Oh this is beautiful! I love it.


It is turning out absolutely beautiful.


Tonight is Xmas 2.0 at our house. Daughter and her boyfriend are back from their trip abroad, both sons can make it, and older son’s girlfriend can get off work (she is in her first year of medical residency, with the typical workload of six 14 hour shifts per week). In addition to a few other (non-knit) gifts, I have a cowl for each of the older ones, all completed since December 25th. Here is my present pile:

Clockwise from the top left is a Dry Stones Cowl in Classic Elite Mountain Chalet for the boyfriend, a Ditty Cowl in Blue Moon Sookie for my daughter, an Airy Alpaca Cowl in Misti Alpaca Chunky for the girlfriend, and a Morningside Neckwarmer in Woolfolk Far for my older son. I originally promised my older son his Sofa Kings hat two years ago as I was finishing the one I made for the boyfriend, so the Neckwarmer is a make up gift for being so late. Besides, I wanted an excuse to play with the Far AND I got a chance to refresh my brioche skills.

What didn’t get finished in time was the Station Wagon Blanket I am making for older son and girlfriend. I have worked in the ends on 8 out of 14 strips and assembled 4 of those strips, so at least they can get an idea of what the blanket will look like when they come over tonight. I am worried that the 54g I have left of Color A might not be enough for the i cord edging. Ann and Kay, if you are reading this, could you please check with Mary Jane and see if I am likely to lose at yarn chicken? If so, I could switch to brown or gray if you don’t have another navy of the same dye lot in stock.


Thank you! Mind you, this is the sort of project that produces a beautiful object, rather than a wearable item. This one creates a segment of a very large circle, so that one end tapers to almost nothing and the other end is that glorious fan of lace. If you are not careful, it wears you, rather than you wearing it, if you see what I mean.


I finished a pair of socks for. Myself after knitting 3 pair for Christmas presents. I wrote my own pattern for these toe up socks using Estelle Worsted wool blend on 3.25mm needles.


These are fabulous. They look just like the work socks that my dad and grandpa used to wear when I was little. Perfect color choices!


Thanks Robyn. I used the work socks my husband still wears as the model. The yarn is from Estelle.


The cowls were a big hit. Everyone tried them on immediately, talked about how soft and warm they were, and put them on again before leaving the house.

My youngest had a wistful look on his face as they left. I asked if he wore the one I made him last Christmas. He said he wore on a ski trip but it got really wet and “kind of ruined” (I’m sure it just stretched out of shape). I explained to him that he could wash it and lay it flat and it would be fine (the yarn was superwash), but he looked doubtful.

I’m making him another just in case.

Meanwhile, I’ve worked in all the ends on the Station Wagon Blanket and started the assembly. I have 5 long strips and one 4 strip rectangle. I am doing the three needle bind off from the right side because I prefer the look.


I am now working on a sweater for my grandson Zach

I am using King Cole Fashion Aran and the pattern is Cabled Sweater and Hoodie 3964 by King Cole