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Yarn for Warm Climates


One of my dearest friends has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. She divides her time between Illinois and Florida. What should I use to wrap her in comfort wherever she is…linen, Milo? Any suggestions?


i lived for two years on the hot humid Caribbean–I knit some shawls with bamboo yarn while there–no to heavy.


I live in Florida full time and the climate does influence. I knit with wool for family and friends in the north, but for myself I have used linen, sock yarn, and bamboo.


Thanks, these are all good options.


Cotton yarn, Sock yarn, Bamboo yarn :sparkling_heart:are great for warm climate :sunny::beach_umbrella::palm_tree::slightly_smiling_face:. I live in CA, believe me, I know, besides I can’t wear wool, makes me itch​:exclamation::worried: