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Your Dishrag Cotton Recommendations


Back in the day, after Peaches and Creme (the real Elmore-Pisgah version) was discontinued, I stocked up. Like, huge Rubbermaid tub stocked up.

My cotton stash is starting to dwindle, and I am especially starting to run out of neutral colors like white.

What is your current go-to dishcloth cotton?


Knit Picks Dishie is the best I’ve found. I’ve tried most of them, I think. Dishie holds its color, is smoother, less splitty. It’s a little lighter weight than the others. Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton is better than Sugar & Cream. I’ve also tried a couple of brands from Herschnners which have 15-25% polyester in with the cotton; I don’t know how they hold up yet, but, so far, I think I’m going to prefer Dishie.


My favorites are made with Rowan Denim.


Whatever I find that’s the color I’m looking for and it looks like it will hold up well!


Rowan Denim takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. (You have to be nearly 100 to get that reference from an old Timex watch ad with John Cameron Swayzie.)


When my Peaches & Creme supply started to fail, I got some Sugar N Cream at Michaels. It’s perfectly fine but the colors seem very short-lived when you start using the dishcloths. I can’t really be sure it’s not as good as P & C, which also faded, of course.

Lately I’ve been using Rowan Handknit Cotton. It makes me sad to use more expensive yarn but on the other hand it’s very nice to work with, and I use my dishcloths for years and years.


I think what I might do first is get some white and ecru Sugar and Cream–fading there won’t be an issue, of course, and it will help me use up the end of the Peaches and Creme stash. And by “end of” I mean still a lot.

I’m intrigued by Dishie and the Rowan recommendations.


Did you try eBay? I did a search and Peaches n Creme cotton yarn is available from different sellers. Even saw a neutral cone or two.


I am wondering the same thing since my hoard of the now discontinued Peaches and Creme is dwindling too.

Did you ever see this video on a comparison of dishcloth cotton? I love the videos on this channel.


It may be plebian, but I love Sugar 'n Cream. I have a stock of psychedelic washcloths in the bathroom; on my Ravelry projects page they are called the Jerry Garcia Memorial Wash Cloth Project. Disclaimer: I am not a dead head, but the name seemed apt. I didn’t start making dishcloth cotton items until after Peaches 'n Cream was discontinued, so indeed S ‘n C may be woefully inferior. One day I was in Michaels’ and I got the call. Now I am planning a dishcloth cotton double bed size blanket for myself, as twenty washcloths are enough for one person. I just love working with dishcloth cotton.