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Knitting with others is motivating, inspiring, educational, and fun. We're going to be knitting together often.

Pattern Talk

We are huge fans of the knitting process. Watching a project from start to finish is one of the best ways to improve your skills, discover new ideas, and gain inspiration. We're starting with a few patterns that leave a lot of room for experimentation.


Happy you're here! Hope you'll let us know a bit about yourself.


Fun can be any diversion—what we're watching, where we're going, what we're doing when we're not knitting. Or when we ARE knitting.

Advice, Please

Stuck? Not sure how to proceed? In search of counsel? Post here. And remember: leave a penny, take a penny—try to help a knitter out if you have a suggestion.

Yarn Talk

Yarn is a big topic. Post here when you're thinking about a yarn, looking for pattern suggestions, or anything having to do with yarns. We're not doing yarn swaps at the moment.

Making Stuff

We're all knitting, but we're also making all sorts of stuff. Here's where we explore crafts beyond knitting.

Love Your Gear

Needles, notion, gadgets and gizmos--what makes your knitting even more excellent?


We firmly believe in eating food, every single day. When not knitting, of course. A never-ending topic.

A Year of Techniques

There’s always something new to learn! A Year of Techniques brings you 12 patterns and tutorials to upgrade your knitting skills. Patterns by world-class designers are accompanied by clear, step-by-step tutorials and online videos.

Recent Articles

Books, cooking, advice, self-care—our new columns provide a lot of food for thought.

Group Reads

Listening to a good book while knitting is one of life's great pleasures. We're starting with Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, listening to a fantastic reading by 135 different people, Moby-Dick Big Read.