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A Contest: Guess What Project 3 Will Be for A Year of Techniques!


I’m going with a tea cozy… in fair isle


I think it is an animal toy design by Ella Austin.


Small and whimsical? I’m thinking it’s Susan B. Anderson’s sheep!


My guess is a scarf of different shapes, perhaps circular shapes, in various colors.


My is a house, because Ella Gordon and Houses go together. Just a guess, mind you.


How about a fair isle baby sweater? I thoroughly enjoyed making the first two projects so I’m looking forward to this one.
I’ve ordered the kit to be sent to my daughter as I’m going there for birth of the newest grandchild. Could I have a hint on what needles to pack?


My guess is a knitted animal - I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on MDK. I’m glad you ruled out toilet paper cozy though.


I’m going to guess its a child’s toy of some kind – stuffed animal or puppet.


My initial thought was a toy. Whimsical and cute as heck!!


I’m going to say the Sheep! pattern that won the bracket contest last month.
thanks for the contest.
(stuck on a mistake I can’t find in my Colourwarsh!)


The 3 skeins are probably there to get the 3 colors and the project is probably something in Fair Isle. Since it hasn’t been on this site yet, it is probably a toy. Hopefully, not a baby clothing item. I think that the yarn could be knitted in a cowl or shawl but these have been on MDK before.


A pad ( i-pad ) cover, double knit or mosaic?


Just to be different, I’ll guess a set of finger-puppets or a set of fairies, such as those by Susan B. Anderson (since others have already guessed the Sheep! pattern).


Since the design is called “Alex,” I’m guessing it will be an Ella Austin animal–perhaps a Fair Isle pig like her Plum Pudding Pig.


I am going to guess socks. Haven’t been a member even a year but I don’t remember anyone talking about socks. I don’t think it’s a toy or a tea cosy. There’s too much yarn so maybe even socks are too small…

Just ordering my zauberball along with this next project.

Have The Rain Outside on my needles – appropriate for this very rainy weekend. Also just started a pair of socks.


A hat! Or, as we say in Canada, a toque.


I am thinking it would be a toy. They are easily whimsical and adorable. My very first thought was also the Sheep! pattern. I love the idea of a tea cozy too - that would be great fun! Can’t wait for the reveal!


A knit toy, like the fair isle sheep?


A “bluebird of happiness” fair isle style


I’m going to join the knitted fair-isle bird. That would indeed be adorable, and just having perused the Arne & Carlos birds on Ravelry, might be my next project, even if it isn’t part of the “year”.