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A Contest: Guess What Project 3 Will Be for A Year of Techniques!


Definitely some kind of knitted toy


I want to cancel my earlier guess. I think that it will be a double knitting project. Yuck. That is slow and hard.


I’m thinking some of her adorable stranded mittens/hat with cats on them.


I will throw my hat in with those who think this next project will be a stranded toy of some sort.


Whatever it is will be YUGE! It will be the best project ever. It’s going to make fingering weight yarn great again.

Or maybe it’s something lace. Or beads. Or lace with beads.


I am guessing the fair isle sheep that won the March madness vote.


I’m guessing a clothespin bag for hanging on your clothesline :+1::flushed:


I am guessing a piece of jewelry.


I originally thought baby booties, but Kay did that once with cashmere yarn, I think.

How about a Yarn Flower?


Maybe three colored cabling???


Not a hat :tophat: or mittens as this is May! MDK goes where no knitter has gone before. Which makes me think it is a fair isle knitted bathing suit!


A baby toy…a rattle I’ll guess!


I think an adorable fair isle tea cozy. Ooooo, I hope it is…I’ve wanted to knit a tea cozy forever!


My guess is a lovey - my daughter’s term for anything cute and knitted and toy-like.


A mosaic bag & or toy would be adorable!


I’m also going to guess some type of softie toy, probably an animal shape.


Fair isle hat is my guess.


I think that it is a fair isle baby sweater.


I think it might be a three dimensional house, possibly knitted in a mosaic knitting pattern!


If it is multi-colored and “adorable”, I think it will be a stuffed animal. I once crocheted a stuffed “Angelina Ballerina” mouse as a baby shower gift, so something like that would be great so I can learn how to make one in knit.