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I’m planning to work on my Shakerag top. It looks like a good social knitting project. Of course a sock project will be with me, can’t leave home without one : )

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I still don’t have sock love. I love wearing hand knit socks, just don’t love knitting them. Maybe you can help me out with that!

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I am thinking about knitting the Shakerag Top also. I will bring a pair of socks that I am planning on casting on today and I just cast on Nuvem by Martina Behm so I will bring that too. Sooo excited to have time to just knit, visit with others who also knit, be outside and be with my sister, Jean! We live across the country from each other so pardon my excitement!



Im Jo & I’m finally getting excited about the retreat! It’s been a crazy year so far (from graduation, engagement, retreats, & possible but not needed (yeah) cataract surgery), that I’ve been a little pre-occupied! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

On the subject of Nashville hotels, they are always expensive! We have a great Air B&B community & Uber & Lyft services too. I’ve lived in Nashville for 35 years (wow, 1st time I’ve realized that) & can answer questions about our city, as can Ann.

I’m bring my socks to knit on for the retreat. I’ll also bring my charity hats to work on.

See y’all soon!



Any suggestions for Wednesday night dinner for a non-meat eater?



I would love to know about the market too - I can’t get Sylph local and would easily be pushed over the edge if it was in the market.

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Sorry this has taken me awhile to answer but I’m not in the know on that subject. That being said, I can’t think of a restaurant that doesn’t have a vegetarian option. If you want a true vegetarian place both Avo & Bombay Oalace got great recommendations. I’ve never eaten at either.



Thank you. Totally do not need a full on vegetarian restaurant, just know that Nashville is famous for barbecue, which is not usually great for me to get any sort of protein! As long as most places have something (and I do eat dairy, fish and seafood), I’ll be fine.



If you are driving from Nashville to the retreat be aware that Bonnaroo, a Woodstock like music festival with 100s of thousand attending, begins on Thursday, June7. That’s the same day as the retreat! We are one exit south of where they are so I’m planning on staying in the far left lane. Just FYI!

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Thank you for the warning!



Well ladies, I’m heading to Nashville tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all on Thursday.



Philosophical question for you all. If I keep all of the yarn that I bought in the giveaway bag, do I have to count it as increased stash?

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Hi Anne - is there a new private group for this year yet - I’m not so familiar with the lounge yet

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Hello All! Yes, Janet, that was my question too. I just got accepted for a space at the retreat, but not on campus. I have to stay elsewhere and come over for the day. I’m from Southern California and have never been to Tennessee. I’ll be watching this forum for tips and I am so excited to meet Ann and Kay - knitting celebrities!

Blessings, Miriam



Hello Miriam,
My sister and I are returning this year, and we are so excited. You will love Tennessee! Shakerag is a special place, I look forward to meeting you!



Hi Miriam - i’m driving from chicago and i think i’ll leave a day early and stay in a hotel the night before so i’m fresh to start the retreat.

where are you in sc? i have family in long beach and the area.

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Hello again Janet. I live in Long Beach near El Dorado Park, just over the freeway on the Los Alamitos side. Did you get lodging at Shakerag? I look forward to meeting with my people. I haven’t been to anything knitting/yarn related since the last Sock Summit in 2011!

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Hi Jean & sister, I’m so excited too. Kniiters are instant family!

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Yes, we are! There are so many places on the lovely grounds to relax and knit together, it is easy to meet and make new friends!

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The people I met last year who stayed off campus were very happy. The campus rooms do have their quirks!