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Any plans for the Eclipse?


Anyone doing something fun for the eclipse? I’m working on a playlist and plan to yell “Hey Brighteyes” at random people to see if they turn around.

What are you doing?


My dog Finnegan and I sat on our deck and watched it. I found Carley Simon “You’re so Vain” on Spotify and drank a beer. It was a great party!!


I’m already planning for the eclipse in 2024. I’m going for totality this time - Niagara Falls!


Ditto, but I’m heading home to New Brunswick, Canada in 2024 (although on April3rd it’s really likely to be overcast). My eldest lives in Portland, OR just outside of the totality zone and he’s too much of a stick in the mud to have taken my advice to bother moving south 5 miles. As things happened, he is kicking himself for missing out. The middle child took my advice and road tripped with friends to Nebraska and watched it on the side of the road. She is currently my favorite child. :rofl:


I headed just a little south so I could experience totality, and I’m glad I did. Spent the night before with friends, and we eclipsed at Willamette Valley Vineyards. It was eerily beautiful, and worth the horrendous return traffic home. Blog post here.

As the light faded (and returned), it had such an interesting, grayed quality. Almost metallic.

Loved every moment!


That one percent did make a big difference! DH stayed home in Portland, but I went road tripping. Totality is amazing.


My husband and I drove 2 miles to our local vineyard in Young Harris, GA, to view the eclipse. Right after the sun peeked back out, a big cloud moved in and blocked the rest of the eclipse. We were so fortunate to see it and to be so close to home. It was fantastic!


It was cloudy here in central Iowa, so I didn’t get to see much, plus I had to work. We took turns taking the glasses outside to see what we could see. Not much as it turned out.


I’m still blaming the eclipse for the craziness of the past few weeks. We all went out on the porch at our office and experienced the partial eclipse through clouds. It was pretty cool and somewhat eerie. I liked it.

Here’s my playlist! Lot’s of people contributed. I think it was the most fun part of the whole shebang.