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Any Yarn Sleuths Out There?

I was gifted some beautiful cashmere yarn from my in-laws after their trip to Russia. The yarn has a label but I don’t know how to translate it to english. Here is a picture of the beautiful yarn:

I believe the yarn is fingering weight. I would like to make a adult women’s sweater, possibly a tunic out of this but I honestly don’t know if I have enough yarn.

Here is a picture of the label:

I welcome any ideas / thoughts on this!

lovely!!! Lucky you. I have no idea what the label says, but I will say you have very thoughtful in-laws. I know someone will give you the info you are requesting. There’s no shortage of brain power in the MDK community.


I am happy to send the photo to a Russian knitter I know if you like. PM me if that helps.


You might try Google translate app on a phone. It allows you to use the camera and hover over the photo, translating as it recognizes the words. It’s pretty slick.


Here is how I would find out how much yarn you have. I’d wind off 10 yards or so, then weigh it in grams, let’s say 2g. The more yards you wind off the more accurate it will be. So in the example you’d have yarn that weighs 1g/5yds. Then, I’d weigh all of the yarn (it looks like it’s on a cone so annoyingly you’d have to wind it off of the cone but shouldn’t be too bad if you have a ball winder). Say you have 300g of yarn. Then you know you have 1500yds. That, plus some swatching should help you figure out if you have enough for a garment.

I’d say it looks more like a lace weight from the photo, but it might bloom and be able to be knitted at a looser gauge. I’d swatch for sure.


Hi there, I suspect this is lace weight and you have 1024 meters. I have sent the label to a friend (Russian speaker) to get her thoughts.


My Russian friend said she thought it was Kazakh, not Russian. But she also thought lace weight.