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Are you ambi-craftual? Knitting loves crochet/crochet loves knitting


Two each week is amazing!


Yes. There is so much more to crochet than the Granny Square, I’ve recently started crocheting garments. I read a few of Dora Ohrenstein’s books and found a new appreciation for the fine shaping possible with crochet. That said, there is something iconic about the granny square and all the different ways of making them.


I have been solely a knitter for 30+ years and could only do simple crochet things. Recently I’ve been trying to learn more because I stumbled onto pictures of freeform crochet and I’m blown away by the gorgeous and creative things people create. And I love the idea of no pattern whatsoever, just make it up as you go along, how fun.


I am omni-craftual!

I taught myself to crochet and then knit in 2000. I was in my first job out of law school and it was super stressful for many reasons, but I did have the mental bandwidth to play with yarn and sticks! Nowadays I mostly knit but still pick pick up a hook to make a shawl from time to time. Doing yarny things still calms down all of my crazy.

My career in things fibery began early - my mom gave me a cross-stitch kit… had to be when I was between 5-9 years old and I learned to sew in 4-H, starting at 9 years old. After knitting, sewing is my other primary craft. I still cross-stitch and added needlepoint to the mix something like… 10 years ago?

OH, was anyone else ever gifted a latch hook rug kit as a child? Did you ever finish it? I did receive one; never finished.

Long story short, I have rather a glorious pile of many stashes that will be “fun” to move some day.


I learned to knit when i was about 7–but I learned to crochet at age 21 from an elderly women in my small town in Alaska who crocheted lovely lace table clothes–I still have the round pineapple lace tablecloth she made and it has been at least 40 years since she died. Then I spent several years obsessed with crocheting lace—from lace edging to doilies to table clothes. I still like crocheting for blankets and throws because I can crochet much faster than I can knit. For awhile recently I was obsessed with bead crochet —and created bead crochet necklaces and bracelets and taught bead crochet. I frequently use crochet as an edging on a knitted garment. i never much like crochet for sweaters or garments—not as much stretch and drape as a knit garment.


When I lived on Dominica Island in the Eastern Caribbean ( I was in the US Peace Corps) --it was so hot and humid–my floor fan was my best friend and I never ever wore a sweater or even a shawl. I never wore shoes either–only sandals. I wore a long sleeve cotton blouse in air conditioning–but rarely was in air conditioning (too expensive.) I took a light weight cotton sweater with me and never wore it. Most people in Carribbean the don’t have air conditioning…

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Elizabeth, thank you for pointing me toward Dora Ohrenstein! She has some great patterns…love the Pie Maker Pullover. Beautiful garments are indeed possible with crochet.

Lene at Dances With Wool has a gorgeous crocheted cardigan today made with Lang Yarns Donegal Merino ( It’s her take on a pattern by Melissa Thibault.

And yes, I am ambi-craftual (multi-craftual even)!

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Yes! I too love the flexibility of crochet. Being able to build a piece as I go with no plan. Sometimes you don’t know what color or pattern you will want until you’ve completed the part leading up to it. It’s kind of how I garden too. I need to plant things, see how they grow and then move them around to please my eye.

Post a picture of your free form experiments when you do them.

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Hi Annie! So glad you found Dora inspiring. Let us know if you dive into crocheting a sweater.

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I had one Grandma who taught me to crochet and one who taught me to knit. I could never pick a favorite—I love them both (my grandmas and my crafts). Now I am teaching my own granddaughter!


I crochet as well as knit. I enjoy knitting much more for some reason. But about once a year I tend to bang out a crochet afghan or child’s toy just for the heck of it. Crocheted some little cowboy booties recently for new grandson (#9!) Due soon.