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Bang out a Carbeth Cardigan


I’m currently banging out a cardi version of Carbeth. I’d really appreciate suggestions as to how I block the ribbed reckon this one, as it’s a little different from the sweater version.

How much do I block it? I know the sweater one involves a bread n butter-sized plate, but I’m not sure that the cardi version needs that much. The pattern doesn’t really offer much guidance.


Oh dear! My poor brain must really be fried…

I’ve been knitting and knitting away at my Carbeth cardigan (because my pullover was so popular it’s currently on a Magical Mystery Tour) and getting really frustrated because it seemed like every row I knit made it shorter instead of longer - probably the yarn, first time using, not impressed, but I finally decided to read the darn pattern to see how much farther I had to go…



Omg hehehe😁 I thought I was the only one that did that sorta thing!!!
And, on a Magical Mystery Tour…luv that description :heart: