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Bang Out a Carbeth


Oh, this is going to be good. Beginning February 5, 2018, we’ll be knitting Carbeth, a clever pullover by the very clever Kate Davies.

Read all about it: “Coming Soon: Bang Out a Carbeth.”

And this is the place to discuss your Carbeth strategy, yarn thinking, modifications, questions, general gibblegabble.


Ha! I’m about to complete my Carbeth (now that the extra skein has arrived). I guess I can act as consultant!


Rather tempted, but… I’ve already committed to two ravellenics events (admittedly, only a hat and a cowl), and my 86yo mother is moving to a different state at the end of February. I know I’ll be spending time with her, helping her sort and pack for all that she’s spry and mentally with-it. She is 86, after all. (She’s been in the apartment for 10 years, since dad died, so the worst of the triage/sorting was done then, but there’s 10 years of cruft to sort through, and she’s moving to a different space, so things might not all fit.) So I may join in the extended BoAC.

Having said all that, I have two or three different options. For a wintry version, I have a SQ of IndigoDragonfly MerGoat Sport that I can double strand; and for summer, there’s some well aged Katia Jeans. I may wind up doing both, as a Jeans version could replace the lightweight layer that I just put in the rummage because it’s uncomfortably too big. There’s also some Berroco Weekend Chunky that would make a great transitional Carbeth. ponder ponder.


I am totally going to do this with Cascade Eco+ I had earmarked for another sweater (Vivian by Ysolda Teague – it is gorgeous but TBH I may never get around to knitting that one).


I love the idea of a cotton version!


I’m in! I had already purchased the pattern, and I’ve got this pretty raspberry Eco+ in the stash. Although I also have some Beaverslide bulky that’s about 12 years old simmering in there, too…


Ready to bang, I think. I don’t have quite enough of one shade of Fonty Pole to keep me from yarn-chicken anxiety, so I’m going to combine two shades using helical stripes.
Despite my middle-aged midsection I am ridiculously excited about Helical Carbeth. RIDICULOUSLY.


Mine is already started so I guess I’m on the sidelines. It never has reached banging speed but their is clearly potential for that. (My blog comment seems to have floated off into space.)


This might have moved Carbeth to the top of my sweater queue. Since my SQ stash is earmarked for other projects, I’ll need to hit the LYS. :tada: I think I’d prefer to knit this in bulky weight instead of holding sport double, any suggestions on what to use? I’m overwhelmed with options.


Since you ask, if I were buying any single strand option for Carbeth, I’d start with a few skeins of those beautiful Empire minis at Jill Draper. Since I’m stash diving, I’m planning to use an odd quantity of Quince Osprey - if I indeed have enough (weighing for the answer later today). If I were shopping at my own LYS, I’d use either Cascade Eco or a bulky alpaca from Plymouth or Berocco.


I’m sure the Osprey will be beautiful! Fingers crossed you have enough! The Jill Draper would be lovely, but I don’t think I could get it in time. I’ve seen a few people using the Eco, but the alpaca sounds dreamy. I’ll be heading to my LYS later today, I’ll report back what I bring home. Thanks for the suggestions!


I’m going with Eco + I think. I have 2 skeins of Butternut Squash that I think will work fine.


I feel the same , Mary. My midsection is bulging and I have no business wearing cropped, but I can’t resist. Reminds me of my old body and what I used to wear when I was young and thin.


I think of my midsection as my special pal, my constant companion, the one
who is eternally loyal to me and never fails to be right there.

Carbeth is definitely taking me to a silhouette I have never attempted
before! I’m figuring that layers are going to carry the day on this one. I
just cast on mine, in Shibui Drift, and I am a complete goner for this
simple pattern.

Can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with.



Ok, count me in! I love this pattern. Not sure how it will look on me, but oh well. My stash is still buried after moving last month and the thought of diving in there is so daunting that… 4 skeins of BT Quarry in Moonstone are on order. Just the excuse I needed to try some BT.


Exactly! I feel just the same way.


I thought about Quarry but I have that to make Ginsberg and I’m keeping it for that because I love the pattern and It’s more than I need for this. Since I have the Eco +, I think it will work just fine for this.


Ok, I’m in too! The Bang out a Stopover was so much fun. Even though this Carbeth silhouette will be new for me, I do like seeing everyone’s version on Ravelry. I stopped by my LYS yesterday and checked out Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky which I think would make a nice version, but ended up picking up some of the shops own hand-dyed bulky wool that they were trying to clear out. I did them a favor and picked some up, including extra since I’ll want to add an inch or 2 to the length.


So excited for this! I’ve been wanting to knit Carbeth since I saw the pics on Kate’s blog. I think I can get gauge with a double strand of Cascade 220 (I hope!). I don’t have anything else in the stash that would work, single- or double-stranded, but this 220 has been in my stash for years waiting for the right project. I swatched last night, waiting for it to dry fully so I can decide if I like the fabric.


Swatching has such drama to it. I’ve never watched a piece of knitting dry
with such fascination.