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Bang Out a Carbeth


I’m up to the armpit (decided to add a little length because I’m 5’8" and long-waisted). Now I’m awaiting the arrival of two skeins even as I eye the two I have here. I know they’re trying to convince me I won’t need more than four skeins, but I’ve been on Ravelry, and I’m not falling for it. I’ll do the sleeves in the new skeins. Guess I’ll go back to my log cabin action in the meantime.


I added an inch, but I think I’m going to rip it back to 8 inches and just trust the pattern… I’m also thinking that it may grow a little with blocking. I’m short waisted too. I’ll make the decision tomorrow. Need to knit one more sleeve.


I looked around Ravelry at people’s posts & photos. Then I put on a couple of my own sweaters & measured. A couple of my shorter sweaters are both 13" long measuring from the armhole; a couple of Ravelers said they made their Carbeths 9 1/2" long. Measuring on me with my existing sweaters I determined a good compromise between “cropped to nicely showcase my spare tire” (8") and “shorter-than-average but hiding my faults” (9 1/2"). I went with 9 1/2".


I’m tall too (5’11”) but with a comically short waist. I think I’ll give it another few cm and do the good trick of measuring against existing jumpers (thank you akorze…why do I never think to do this?!) & see how I get on.


This sounds like me – most of my sweaters are at least 12" from armpit to hem. I am very happy with the 9.5 inch body.


I did decided I wanted something that would fit more like a garment than a dwelling. I do appreciate the bulky yarn/needles size. Now, I’m back were I was yesterday (in terms of rows knit). I’m still only propping up the sweater-to-be, and it seems plenty generous to me. Onward…


Okay, okay, okay! Sheesh. I am weak. I just cannot resist bang-out-a-sweater jamborees. I have bought the pattern and also the Drift. However, I am going to be a Drifting Straggler, because three baby showers and the Star Light, Star Bright baby blanket are causing my present knitting cup to runneth over. Maybe.


As I was watching downhill skiing yesterday, My Carbeth was on a downhill slide on available yarn. From the beginning, I knew that I would need to make changes due to insufficient yarn. The yarn was purchased at an event. I had the contact information…phone is not connected and the email rejected. :expressionless:
Decision time. The vendor is scheduled to be at an event about an hour away next month…Do I move on, or patiently wait for the event? :sweat_smile::thinking::persevere:


Did you try looking for the vendor on Ravelry? I’m just thinking, if you wait a month, you might not get a good match due to different dye lot. Maybe contact the organizers of the event, to see if they have current contact info? The yarn looks beautiful!


I just started my Carbeth yesterday. I work at Conversational Threads in Emmaus, PA. The owner, Cindy, started knitting one so of course I had to start one also. It is a great pattern.
I am using Cascade Eco+ and it is working up wonderfully.
Glad to be part of this knitalong.


Great idea! Thanks!

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Well, thanks to the rainy weather, I’ve been knitting away. Just finished the first skein. I started over, making the 2nd size. I’m still nervous about size. I took it off the needles again. It currently is measuring in with a circumference of 40+ inched. It will presumably grow when blocked. I am going to continue on, but I do hope to have something wearable (by a human) in the end. .


Have now knitted the body for the third? fourth? time (now on size 13 needles, two sizes below my normal), and lost yarn chicken with the ivory color. Stubbornly committed to this stripe combo, so am now on hold until a package comes in. I brilliantly used yarn that is unavailable in the US, but Knit Picks’ Cadena is supposed to be a dead ringer for Fonty Pole. We shall put this to the test, as I ran out in the middle of the front yoke.


still waiting for the last bit of yarn to arrive. i keep re-reading the carbeth pattern and knitting my scottish lace :sunglasses:image


Good progress, thanks to a cold & rainy Sunday. I’ll have to test the length to see whether 8" is okay, or an anatomically unfortunate place to stop. I also need to hunt around for needles to use for the arms.


I decided to go to 9 inches and now I’m ready

to start sleeve 1. I’ve decided not to add thumb holes since that just seemed one more place where something could go wrong!


Sorry about the weird formatting! Let’s just blame my phone!


Nice – Love the color!


love the raspberry color


Really like the color too.