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Bang Out a Carbeth


I did do the M1-L and M1-R and it came out just the way I thought it should look.:grinning:


Hi. Look at the sizing table on page 2 of the pattern. The second measurement is Body length to underarm. Depending on your size, it is between 7.5” and 9”. Personally, I’m going for 10”. That’s about the top of my jeans pockets on me.


Hope it isn’t too late - I’ve just finished another KAL (the Comfort Fade Cardi) and I’m almost ready to start swatching for the Carbeth. I’ve got some ancient Noro yarn that should be just perfect and I’m so inspired by all your ideas.


Oh, Noro could be so much fun! Welcome, I can’t wait to see what you’re doing.


Lost yarn chicken in a major way. Ran out five rows before the start of the neck ribbing. Felt so good to be doing a project with stash. Should have had 25 yds extra.

I’ve tried four online shops and no one has the color. There are a handful of people with it in stash on Rav but none marked for sale/trade. Maybe I’ll try a message anyway?

If anyone realizes they have 1-2 skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in peacock, col# 7339 let me know! If it is lot 16510, we have a cosmic occurrence!

I may just frog the whole thing. I’d have a dye lot issue. Not sure if I clip and rip the cuffs, if that would give me enough of this lot to get the five rows done to the neck. Not sure at all that this style will look OK on me. Sigh. Party feels over.


I started on 5 Feb. :slight_smile: I found some 8-ply Wool Pak in my stash and am holding two strands together to achieve gauge on 6.5 mm needles. Ready to begin yoke decreases. :+1:


Glory be, the first sleeve on 6.5mm dpns is done. And fits around my, ahem, sturdy arm. And what’s more it comes exactly up to my armhole. Row gauge is my new best friend.


Looks great! Don’t you love when it turns out to fit when you just weren’t sure,


I love this soft yellow.:heart_eyes:




ugh. hope you find what you need!


yarn arrived and gauge achieved - let’s get this show on the road!


Thanks! It’s not one of my usual choices, but I really like it, too.


Onto the sleeves … thinking 2 on magic loop for speed / equal length reasons. But that technique is new to me … anyone know of a good online explainer or have some tips?


I found it on amazon!!!


Also here!


@heyames the one and only time i attempted magic looping i got serious ladders. i probably did it wrong. i like dpns, but sometimes get ladders there if i am not careful - especially if the knitting is something other than stockinette. i invested in some 12” circulars to try out on this project, but i have not gotten to my sleeves yet. watching closely to see what other answers you get…


There’s a Magic Loop thread, which has some great tips here


Yay! That’s terrific. :smiley:


Thank you! I did keep digging last night and found some, so I’ll add these.

I think I need to try on what I have and decide if it’s worth fighting the dye lot battles.

I hope your knitting is moving smoothly!