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Bang Out a Carbeth


You could also just start the ribbing a little early. Any dye lot issues would be a lot less noticeable.


Using up some deep stash yarn; joining a fun knit along; trying out a new and interesting shape, though making it longer; and trying out my first A Year of Techniques: helical stripes!


Thank you! I’m in the awkward space like lulu where I want nicely formed sleeves but not sure if it can be achieved with magic loopery (esp as I’m going to try to continue the running up the arm, inspired by your Carbeth, Nell!)

We will see how we get on!! :smiley::muscle:


Right. I have to try it out and see if it even has potential for my body. :wink: It’s a great design. One of my favorite parts is how the decreases come to that point!



Gerri Barosso


I never get ladders when I’m magic looping in ribbing. Only in sticking stitch. Hope it works out for you!!


I’m thinking about banging out a Carbeth for Shaun White. He earned it!!


That yarn has such a pretty twist! What is it?


My Carbeth was also super wide I ripped it back and got a better gauge for my very bulky yarn … also made one extra increase on my sleeves because the fabric is so thick and has no drape, I felt I needed “arm movement space” I am happy with the results and the sweater is adorable :blush:


Thanks! We’ll see how it goes … I’m hoping I can manage this modification as Nell’s version is so lovely!!


Here is the yarn I’m using, It is super soft and great to knit with! CARBETH%20YARN

I found it on sale at WEBS!!!


These colors are great.


I am with Ann and ordered the Shibui. I have knit with it before and love how it feels. I have swatched and washed. One strand on 10.5 needles. 15 sts/inch. I think since this is not a fitted garment I will stay with this. What do you all think? Different size needles? Up or down a size? I would like your thoughts, O mighty knitting wizards. Thank you and Happy Valentines Day :heart:


It’s done —My FIRST sweater! As I wrote on my Ravelry Project Page, the stars aligned:

  • I grew up in Nashville (home of half of Mason-Dixon)
  • One of the highlights of my career was spending several years working on a project in Edinburgh, Scotland (and visiting the Highlands and other parts of that gorgeous country, home to Kate Davies)
  • The yarn I chose shares its name with my late, most beloved aunt (my mom’s identical twin)
  • The project has my name in it!

Thanks so much for giving me the push to finally do this! I did indeed, bang it out, if I do say so myself!


Congratulations, you look fabulously thrilled in your in your beautiful First Sweater. Hooray!


Today has been a Day of Progress and, golly, it is looking remarkably like a sweater!


@BeeGi it is gorgeous! what a great shade of blue.


I’m almost ready to start the fun part. Just have a few more rows of the second sleeve left.


Congratulations. It looks beautiful


Done in 6 days and I absolutely love it! Thanks Ann for the suggestion to step outside the confines of the yarn label. I used Malabrigo Worsted and a US10.5. Wonderful drape and fit. I added 4" to the body before connecting the sleeves (I’m a little busty )


I love it! That red and the length is perfect on you.