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Bang Out a Carbeth


This is just perfect! I adore that shade of Malabrigo.


Thank you! :slight_smile:️ It is made up of three different fingering weight yarns and has changed a couple of times as I run out of one and add in another.


Too much excitement watching the Olympics last pm…somehow lost my sleeve markers! My sleeve is
all done, but now I ned to transfer to waste yarn and am not sure how many stitches to move over. I’m knitting the 2nd size. Help!


If you are talking about just the sleeve for this size you move 6 stitches to waste yarn for underarm and have 42 stitches left. If this is something that happens after you join the sleeves I’m not there yet!


Thank you! That’s what I get for multitasking…


Thank you so much - it’s a great red!


Thank you so much!! I see another one in my future.


My Carbeth jumper continues to grow steadily. I can only knit a couple of rounds at a time due to the weight of it, even though it rests in my lap. The helical stripes are fascinating in this variegated yarn. Each stripe chases the other one, it never catches up. The blending of the various colours is really interesting.


Squeal! I just tried on my almost finished Carbeth and it is so stinkin’ cute! I had been indecisive about the length, decided to trust the design and knit as directed, and it is perfect! Pictures to follow in a day or two after blocking.


Yay!!! So proud of your first sweater. Keep on truckin’!!


Really looks good. Love the red.


It looks great on you! Love the color, and I especially appreciating seeing the sweater on you. It really helps to see how the different modification choices actually look when worn. Nice work!


I love the effect you are getting with color!


I also love the way you added twisted to the ribbing. Nice touch!


Good to know! I was figuring I needed to add about 4 inches as well and now I definitely will. This is a great length.


Thank you. It’s a whole lot of fun!


A nice opportunity to play, with a lovely result!


With one strand of Shibui Drift, I got gauge on size US 10; others have used US 10.5. Hope that helps!


Don’t double the Shibui.


sleeving and wineing :slightly_smiling_face: