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Bang Out a Carbeth


Joined it all into a heavy heap!


Thank you! I So happy to help you visualize your future Carbeth!


Love this! I want one in this color now! Can you tell me what yarn you’re using? Thanks


Thank you! This is two shibui yarns in Bark. They’re both discontinued now though but I’m sure there’s other chocolate yarns out there that would be happy to come home with you!


Well that’s a shame, it’s so beautiful. I’ll have to search for my “perfect” color!


Finished up my longer version of the Carbeth last night and now it is blocking on my bed. I knit to 17 inches before joining the sleeves as I wanted a long comfy Carbeth .


Hope I’m doing this right… So I’m up to the decreases and everything seems to be okay except the ribbing on the bottom is flipped up. I wasn’t too concerned about that until someone in my Rav group just pointed out that a rolling edge doesn’t really like to block out. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, did it not block out? :-o


Not sure what your yarn is, but you might try steaming it. That sometimes helps see what will happen with blocking. It works on my boxy for in between blocking sessions.


I’m almost as far as you and have been noticing this same issue with my ribbing. I was wondering whether this would sort itself out, or shout I rip back (yet again!) and make the ribbing longer. I really don’t want to start all over again, so I’m working on the sleeves and hoping for inspiration, or reassurance on what to do about this.


sooo, i will be heading down the home stretch in a day or two and i am wondering if anyone has found a way to correct the slight symmetry issue where the decrease point meets the neckline ribbing?


I had no appropriate yarn in the stash and very little extra yarn cash. For Single Awareness Day aka Valentines- I went on a mini yarn crawl and found the perfect yarn. Downton Abbey Branson. I got gauge on 10 1/2 and nines for the smaller. I have cast on size 4, 4" more than my bust and I am knitting away! It looks large! I am used to DK. Hope to finish within the week. So far - so good. Just posted on instagram and it is fun!


Here’s a basic magic loop tutorial

Very pink magic loop


Here’s a video about two at a time

Two at a time cast on


Alixpearson’s project on Rav has a good solution which involves twisting the last two stitches instead of decreasing them. I also saw some people shift that one to 3 stitch column


I’m doing my sleeves for the Carbeth 2@a time using magic loop. Started ribbing on size 8 DPNs
Then I KNIT (because stockinette is done on larger size) to transfer the stitches onto the circulars: 16 on one side, 16 on the other

Repeat with new ball of yarn for 2nd sleeve. Just be careful when transferring 2nd that the working yarn ends up on the same side as the first cuff.


Mine is definitely rolling and I am practicing denial. My sleeves don’t roll but I knit the ribbing with a 9 and I was afraid it might be too tight on the body so when I knit that I used a 10 (the rest on a 10 1/2. I am on the neck today so I am going to finish and cross my fingers that blocking helps.


I used that tip. You do need to end up with 4 extra stitches to make sure the knits line up on both sides and I’m not sure if that will make a huge difference in size of neck. The other option would have been to decrease an extra eight (the four extra plus four for symmetry) and it felt like that would have been too much.


thank you. yours looks lovely :star_struck:


thank you. i looked her up and i think i understand what to do. :heartpulse:


My Mohair Carbeth Odysseus is complete! I’m chuffed to bits!