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Bang Out a Carbeth


It looks great! And I think I am remembering a fun history with the yarn?


Thank you! Yes, this is deep stash yarn that originally belonged to my mum. I’ve been puzzling over how best to use it for a few years now and finally it’s found its garment/knitting destiny!


So you think the change in needles/tension is what’s causing this? :-o I guess worse case scenario, if that’s the case, we can snip the bottoms and reknit the ribbing. (insert whimpering)


100% wool, so if anything has a chance of blocking out, it would be this yarn… Fingers crossed, but preparing myself for a snip and ribbing reknit if I have to. Sigh…


Me too - knitting on with confidence ;-D


I think that is it. I was a little disappointed not to have more guidance on needle size on the pattern, all she said was below gauge. I wanted to keep it looser to try and maintain the flare shape, was afraid that knitting on the 9’s might have pulled it in too much, but if snipping happens (sob, sob) that is the size I will use. I’m on row 18 of the neck now, so should get its bath today.


I automatically went down 2 sizes (US7 with a US9) My hem was flippy, but after a wet-block all is well. I’m wearing it now and the hem is hanging straight.


sooo pretty! and the roll of the neck is really nice.


i am furiously knitting my yoke now and noticing that i seem to subconsciously tighten up my stitches a bit as the garment gets heavy. a question for more experienced knitters … is my intuition good or off base?:thinking:


ps - i am so thankful for this forum. it has already gotten me out of a couple of jams and taught me a new technique. yay knitting better!!:sparkler:


I’m both glad that yours was flippy two sizes down and that the block fixed it!


Well I just tried it on to check the neck length and big surprise magical thinking doesnt seem to have worked on the hem. While it isn’t flipping on, it has a really ugly flare to it. I also knit 10” to the underarms because I have a long waist and I think that was too far, so I may take out an inch when I snip and add the ribbing on #9s.


:grin: Tension/gauge is a funny thing. If you’re holding your knitting differently now that your sweater has grown in your lap I wouldn’t be surprised if that made a bit of a difference. I tend to trust that it’ll all come out all right in the wash.


Cast on with Noro Asuka from deep stash. Got gauge and the yarn is fuzzy, warm and colorful. Fun so far!


Stupid magic thinking (grumble grumble)… I knit mine extra long as well, so may be re-knitting the bottom regardless. Would be interested to know how many added inches and then regretted it.


Sweater surgery done (first ever) and working on the ribbing. I thought I had knit the body to 10” and was thinking about going back to 9”, but my measuring might be as magical as my thinking because before surgery I measured it at 11”, but it really did feel too long, None of that great a-line shape that Kate had, although my yarn is pretty draped. So cut back to 8” and will try the inch of rib. Right now I am in pain because I really want to do the tubular bindoff and the thought of doing it over 140 stitches just hit me. That will be a really long tail!


I’ve attached my sleeves and am now on the shaping!!! I love this pattern and I really love this yarn!! So soft, it’s gonna be so warm!! I knit the body 10”. Hope it’s long enough for my taste!


After a last minute yarn substitution and having to rip out half of the yoke due to decreasing 8 stitches per round instead of 4 (blaming on Olympic excitement instead of not reading directions properly :see_no_evil:) I’m finally banging out this Carbeth. Goal is to have it completely finished to wear to my birthday dinner on Thursday!


lovely green color! :heartpulse:


Thanks for the image - it’s helpful!