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Bang Out a Carbeth


I mean that I ended up with 4 more stitches then would have been called for after all the decreases. For me it was the two stitches I crossed (that would have decreased 2) and then I didn’t do the next row where you would decrease 2. Math told me that I had to have a multiple of 4 between the first of the two knits over the back middle and the first of 2 knit over the front middle. following the directions I would only have had a multiple of 2, so that 4 extra stitches gave me 2 on each side. Hope that makes sense!

ETA- it looks like this post is just random, but I had replied via email to w question about this, the question just seems to have disappeared!


I’m ready to start the sleeves and love Nell Z’s ribbed sleeves but I think there is too much color, texture and general fizz in my yarn to try them this time.


I have yet to start my Carbeth. I am wondering if the cast on could have something to fo with this rolling? Maybe cast n one two needles? Or a loose cast on like Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast-On? Too bad it doesn’t show up until it has already been knit. :face_with_monocle::thinking:


It showed up early. I just didn’t realize it was a problem so continued knitting. So, whatever you try, I think you’ll know within an inch of the ribbing that it’s gone wrong.


There are a few comments on how to avoid the roll/flip hem in the Granito thread.
I can’t search them out now, but will later if no one beats me to it…


I used Jeny’s strechy cast on. The problem did show up early, I was also hoping it would just go away. I’m working on the sleeves and am going back & forth about whether the ribbing on the body will bug me if it does that when worn. But then, it would mean ripping out again & starting all over, again. I’ve been busy with other stuff, so I’ve got until I finish both sleeves to decide, and I’m still working on sleeve 1.


Almost done. Only have enough yarn left for a funnel neck, not a full rolled turtleneck. Tried on sweater–if I continue with the 84 st, the neck will be too wide. Thought that over the remaining 10 rows, I’d decrease a total of 10 st. So, 1 st decrease per row. So they don’t show as much, I should do the decreases at the sides. So, 1 decrease each row, alternating sides. Question is: what is the most subtle way to decrease in 2x2 ribbing so the ribbing won’t get all wonky? I googled & found it’s best to put decreases in purl stitches but couldn’t find out more. (Do you just suffer 4 knit st together when the purl runs out?) Any ideas???


Also thinking about knitting the smallest size to figure out the sweater’s techniques before knitting up a size 3 or 4 for me. I can always give the small one to my son’s girlfriend, who is truly petite.
Well, that didn’t work out as planned! Washed my swatch and it went from 14 st/4" to 11st/4"!! It really loosened up. Boy, I hate swatching. Question now is if I should try 10½ needles or just go down to 10?


Finished my Carbeth on the 15th. :blush:


Your stripes are wonderful!


All done — including mods to fit my long neck — now just the grafting, weaving and blocking. I’ve tried it on and really like it. It’s going to be very warm. Oh, erm, it’s inside out in the picture :slight_smile:


Looking so deliciously marled! Don’t forget the dinner plate for the


So great! It fits like a dream! Congratulations!


I was amazed when I had to change colour that it defined the yoke! Like magic!


Can you tell me what you mean by dinner plate for neckline? It isn’t mentioned in the pattern, mine is blocking but still damp and I could add. Thanks!


Kate Davies mentions that someone stuck a dinner plate in the neck to create the right shape while blocking. It seems to have worked perfectly.


I just don’t quite understand where. The bottom, middle, top?


Ha - no that was me - I had written you before I read about the decreases and then when I read forward in the pattern I thought my question made no sense so I deleted it figuring I’d write when I got to the neck and figured out what in the world was going on! Thank you!!


Here you go! This shows it perfectly.
Blocking Carbeth


Thank you so much! Couldn’t wrap my head around it until this. Wish I had seen that before.