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Bang Out a Carbeth


Does anyone have a good grafting tutorial? I’ve never done it before!


Here is one I have saved. There are a few online if you google it.

Good luck.


It looks WONDERful on you!!! And how cool that you used something from your Mom! Mine has been gone for 6 years now and I have all the pieces

that I taught her to knit and am taking them apart to reuse the yarn. It’s like wearing a hug from your Mom! I didn’t think this sweater was for me as I have a lot going on in the “upper storey,” but I love that chic yoke and neckline treatment. I’ve lost 8 lbs so who says they won’t shrink down enough (like the last ten times over my lifetime) to not be the first thing your eye gravitates to. Men tend to stop looking at us once we hit the late thirties unless we’re exceptionally youthful and gorgeous-looking (like you for instance) but their eyes never fail to lock on to big breasts - however fleetingly. That color is perfect on you BTW!


You’re very kind thank you!
In some ways I think Carbeth is a pretty low risk sweater to make as it knits up so quick. You can always immediately unravel and repurpose the yarn if you’re not happy with the shape. I found it a very fun pattern to knit.


The designer’s right-hand woman, Mel,
(Notailkit on Ravelry) suggested this tutorial for grafting the underarms. This was posted in the Carbeth discussion thread in the Kate Davies group on Ravelry.


So I’m done and I love it, but when I joined my sleeves to the body and did all my decreases I was so confused. I had too many sleeve stitches. How could this happen? I had carefully counted my sleeves, did them two at a time to be sure they were the same, what could have happened? Well, now I know.

When I went to graft the armholes I discovered that I hadn’t put the 8 stitches on waste yarn and just went ahead and knit all the stitches. I sewed it up and it looks fine. But I had to do an extra series of decreases to get rid of those 16 stitches, so if I knit it again would I still do the same size?

I tried to recreate the photo shot but the swan was elusive, hanging out over to the side of the shot.

I love the sweater and have plans for another!


FINISHED - 15 days! #2 on the needles.
This yarn is a worsted weight mill-end of some sort from a shop that carried a lot of Brown Sheep, so I’m thinking it is Brown Sheep worsted. Sleeves are 19”, body 15.5”. I am going to wear the TAR out of this sweater. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Thanks! I was afraid that I would run out of the yellow. :laughing:


Thanks! Next time I wash it, I’ll deploy the dinner plate, though.


Oops. Stuff happens. It looks great.


blocking. so excited and can’t wait to model my finished sweater. at least it is laundry day so i have stuff to keep me busy. :crazy_face:


Okay, next question…what causes the puckering under the decreases? Are my decrease stitches too tight? I’m sure some of that will block out, but it’s making me crazy.


I like your use of markers to define where each increase was done. Great idea!


Body complete to underarms. 10”. Same length as my purple Emma by Cocoknits.
Now for the sleeves. Unusually, I will have to do them one at a time due to the helical stripes. Only so many balls I can deal with at once!


Your sweater does look great! If you left out the part re: holding the sleeve stitches, you may wish to increase the sleeve a few more times (maybe 2x) on the next sweater to replicate the depth of the yoke and the circumference of the upper arm.


I’m feeling so proud of myself! DPNs! I finally feel comfortable using them. And helical stripes to match the body.
First sleeve begun. 17 rounds after cast on to get two complete pattern repeats of the little twist pattern. Will not turn the cuffs back. Going strong.


I’m good with grafting the underarms but…does anyone have a suggestion for dealing with the ladders on either side of the sets of 8 stitches? Next time I will be sure to keep the tension more carefully!


Tremendous! DPNs feel like knitting with pencils–it really took me a while
to get the hang of them. Way to go!


I got gauge with 10 1/2 needles but did sleeves on 9. 9" circular was the largest I had and really don’t like magic loop or working with dpn’s that large. I think sleeves are going to be a little tight so I’m planning to aggressively block them hoping they loosen up a bit.


here is my masterpiece - i am so happy with it! now i want to start over and do it again…