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Bang Out a Carbeth


I love the neckline! Can you share what you did? I might have to bang out another!


Yes, love the neckline - how did you do that?


thanks @Marjem and @franf8 ! it turned out pretty cute for a half-baked idea. i started the neck ala alixpearson(ravelry) by omitting the last two sets of decreases (+4 stitches at start of neck) but i did not twist my center front and center back stitches. then i knit a standard 2x2 rib crew neck but decreased in the ditch on either side of the center back rib 3 or 4 times which coaxed the back neck into a v. (i wish i had documented exactly what i did but i was talking to my mom on the phone and figured i would be frogging the neck to try again). then, when i blocked i just encouraged the v in the back and also encouraged the back hem to dip a bit.


I love this neckline too! It looks so great on you!


Have y’all seen the Carbeth Cardi?!?!?!

I’m casting this on the second I finish the jumper version.


Thanks so much. Been waiting for this. Just bought it and I’m with you-just as soon as I finish the Carbeth.


I came over here to say: Carbeth Cardigan has landed! I’m in, have the yarn, gauge swatch, and off to buy the pattern. IMHO, this version will look better on me.


Yarn to finish my stalled Carbeth is here! Along with some (cough) other yarn, and (cough) Clara’s new book so I could reach the amount that would give me free shipping on the $7 of yarn I needed to finish my Carbeth. No knitting problem here…


So helpful - thank you :blush:


I am really excited about the Carbeth cardi but my sister wants a crewneck Carbeth, so I am going to do that first! She wants it in Shibui Drift.

Those of you who knit it in Drift, did your swatch grow much in length after blocking? I am trying to figure out how to know when to stop with the sleeves and body. Any help greatly appreciated!


I have long arms… measured 20” from wrist to underarm (and that’s totally off the chart for the Carbeth). I’m not planning to fold back my sleeve cuffs, so does that give me extra length? Or do I also need to add more rows to the stockinette arm section? If so, is it best to spread out the extra rows all along the length of the arm? (Apologies for my beginner question… I haven’t made an actual pullover yet for myself so this is new to me)


I loved this BangOut almost as much as Stopover. Unique and well-written pattern. The decreases meeting at the center yoke - genius! And it’s great to have learned a new way to ssk.

I added a few inches length and blocked the neckline to be snugger (no dinner plate). Next time I’ll make it even longer and add a couple of inches to the lower back with short rows.



I agree that a few short rows in the back would be a great modification!


. I used some Classic Elite Skye Tweed in stash. I ran out of yarn so it’s a crew neck. I love it.


You look fantastic! I didn’t run out of yarn but chose a crew neck…


Hello, this is my first knitalong (Carbeth) and first time posting here! Though I am an experienced knitter I am having trouble with the directions for decreases after joining body and sleeves. They read like typical raglan decreases before and after sleeve markers but they do not look like that! I now have the correct stitch count for neck ribbing but the decreases have not created that inverted v in front and back. Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong? I have read and re-read the directions and feel it must be in marker placement. “rep step c until 2 sts rem between each pair of markers at front and back” …I do not have pairs of markers at front and back, just 4 markers total, marking where sleeves and body joined. I KNOW I have done Step C shaping wrong but can’t figure it out, and can’t find anyone here or on Ravelry who has made the same mistake … frogging … hoping someone has advice! Thanks!


My first thought is that you are decreasing before and after each marker?


yes. of course. that is 8 decreases every round not 4. that is it exactly. Thank you!


Thank you! I may try it too!


When you just finished your first sweater but it’s 75 degrees outside. Love the sweater! Hopefully I’ll get to wear it! Already plotting to start the cardigan …