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Bang Out a Carbeth

I’m a little confused by the yarn that the pattern calls for. Does anyone else think it’s weird to hold DK double and get 14 sts to 4 inches? Is that a loose knit? I’m swatching with Cestari Traditional worsted held with a DK. Another worsted with DK combo didn’t get me the gauge, but I think Cestari “blooms”. I’m so interested in how everyone else is getting gauge!!!

Earlybirds are welcome! I started mine a couple of weeks ago, to get the lay of the land. On my second sleeve now, and about to reach The Exciting Part.


Still going to use Eco + but I found 2 skeins of Sapphire in my stash too so I think I’ll go with that color.

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Stashed Quince Osprey - located, swatched and ready.


I know! I don’t even mind knitting the swatch that much, but waiting for it to dry can be torturous! Unfortunately, I did the math and I won’t have enough of the Cascade 220, so I impulsively bought some yarn from Knitpicks - now I have to wait for it to arrive and then swatch all over again!

Glad to hear this - I’m going to cast on on Sunday, because I won’t have much, if any, knitting time on Monday. Iowa caucuses are Monday night (yes, we do this even in off years, but to much tinier crowds) and I’m the Dem chair for my precinct. It will probably be short and fairly unexciting, but I don’t think this that it would be the right venue to cast on a new project!


So, I remembered that The Plucky Knitter was having a sale. . . and picked up some Cambridge 2.0 in Dive Bar for my Carbeth. It arrived in today’s mail and I’ve started winding. Hoping to swatch tonight. :dancer:t2: image


Loved this pattern as soon as I saw it (but want to make it longer, of course, because tummy). I think I have enough Tosh Chunky (though it knits up on size 9-10 needles, not 10.5). What do you think about using 2 different colors–1 for the body and 1 for the yoke/sleeves?

Before I saw you guys were planning to bang out a Carbeth, I actually just purchasd the pattern this morning, planning to, gasp, swatch this weekend. But so much more fun to do it with you all! The thought of marling or using multi colors is intriguing. But I do know that I already have a few choices in my stash. I have 2 skeins of Cascade Eco in a couple colors, a friend was moving to Ireland and gave away much of her stash, I tried to be very selective about what I acquired, and knew the Eco was a good choice. I have some Peace Fleece that would be perfect! I have thinner weight yarns I can hold double, I think I’ll need to get out of bed and toss the stash. I think I will do a single colored one and then if it’s real quick and flattering, maybe then a fun colored one. I like the idea of the sleeves being different colored.

Not a huge fan of cropped sweaters, but do find they look nice over dresses where there is no definite waistline for me. My issue is that unless this is a sweater for hanging around the (not overheated, who raised the thermostat) house or for taking a walk outside, I find many pullovers to be too warm. My co-worker is a marathon runner and has no body fat and wears a down vest and gloves in the office while I’m in a short sleeved top with a cardigan. But there is a place for a warm sweater too. I guess I’ll have to swatch and see what kind of fabric I’m looking at.

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I had such a fun time with the Stopover Bang out a sweater and I love this design I think I will join in again. I am trying to knit from stash though, and I found an old discontinued yarn, Plymouth Nazca Wind, that swatched up nicely. It will be interesting because it has a texture to it. I told my sister I would knit her a sweater for Christmas, but we could never decide on anything, so I think this will be for her. I plan to cast on with a provisional cast on so I can knit down and add length.


I love the provisional cast on idea. So many of us are uncertain about how a cropped sweater will work and it’s a great way to test the theory. I’ve been reading project notes on Ravelry and it’s surprising that several of the garments that have been knit longer are tried on only to be cut back to the directed length.


Can’t resist giving this a try! I’ve got some lovely grey Sirdar EcoWool dk in my stash…thoughts? I love the pattern but don’t think I want it too bulky.

There’s an example of a sweater knit as you’re describing on Ravelry, as well as one knit in color-blocks (in pieces and then sewn) to great effect.

I am still stash diving after disliking the drape (or lack thereof) of my first swatch on both 10s and 10.5s in discontinued Juniper Moon Farm Yearling. It’s a bulk 60% Merino, 40% Cotton and I really felt the cotton. There’s a 40%-off LYS sale tomorrow but I am trying so hard to knit from stash!

I’m thinking I’ll make mine a little bigger than needed so it will be extra-flared at that daring midriff edge. I love the shape of this thing (the sweater, not my midsection, although things could always be worse in that department, I guess.)

Let’s hear it for Middle-aged Not Caring What Others Think of Our Midsections!


Okay, I was really, really trying to demonstrate that I have some modicum of restraint, but it’s really being tested with this KAL. I’m already on the #fringeandfriendslogalong, and I owe my ladyfriend a sweater (Squall from Brooklyn Tweed). But then I went to the Ravelry page and looked at the projects (it’s Saturday, I’ve got time) and saw that a few people have used Alafoss Lopi, which the ladyfriend brought back for me on a trip to Iceland. Sure, I don’t have enough, but why should that stop me? They’re still making it, right? Dye lot, smye lot; I think I could relegate the off-lot skeins to the sleeves. I know, it sounds like I’m in, right? Let me swatch and cast-on before we make it official, okay? (So much for restraint!)


This all makes perfect sense to me . . . I think Alafoss would be amazing
for this, and I am a firm believer in letting the natural splendor of
varied dye lots take the day aka NO WORRIES HAKUNA MATATA LET IT BE!


Oooh, I love a good enabler! Thanks!

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It appears that every year, at “Bang Out” time, my interest has a reemergence.
I feel in love with Carbeth, the minute it was released and knit one up. Upon completion, I knew there had to be a second edition! AND know there’s a “Bang Out a Carbeth” KAL!

There are so many choices on where to start with Carbeth. Decisions, decisions… In the stash is Quarry, the Lopi (from a Stopover never made) :blush: When I read the snippets email this morning and saw Shibui Dune in the mix, it was kismet. I have a Dune stash!

So once again, here I start a “Bang Out”…will this one finish?? I am confident that it will!:heart_eyes::star_struck:

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Thanks Nell. I did search thru Ravelry after I’d written my post.