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Bang Out a Carbeth


`Except for blocking, my Carbeth is done.



Should only be 4 decreases each round. No decreases on sleeves-body only.


Looks great! Mine will be a similar color. Finally gave up on the all-from-stash/6-skein helical stripes idea as I kept running out of yarn or sanity. I’ve ordered the last few skeins from the Netherlands (it’s Fonty, not sold in the US), so will not make the February 28 deadline, but I did manage to bang out 2 or 3 nearly-complete-but-frogged Carbeths in that period, in various mixes of sizes and gauges, and now consider myself totally fluent in Carbeth!


This is great. Looks wonderful on you. I may do another and I plan to make it a crew neck too.


Really looks good. Love the color.


Oh, Life, you are getting in my way! Still, I’ve got the body and one sleeve done to the point where they get joined. It is still possible I’ll squeak in under the wire – fingers crossed!


I think if your length is 20 inches, you might just want to make the sleeve 20 inches long. Depending on the size of your arm, I’d just add the extra length after the increases.


Yikes! Almost finished & I’ve run out of yarn. LYS closed today, but they are saving a skein for me to pick up tomorrow.


Pink is not my usual color but I love this.


Thank you for the tip!


Love your color! I’m even further behind than you… my first sleeve was more than half done and I realized that it’s a tighter gauge than the body (thanks to magic loop). So now I’m trying the second sleeve with needles one size larger to hopefully match the fabric drape the body has.


Let’s try this again. Finis! Wearing it the rest of the night, it’s the coziest thing ever. I did a body length of 10in.


I just need to join the underarms, block and I’m done! Curious if anyone had suggestions for underarm joins besides kitchner stitch. It’s my least favorite thing about knitting and would love an alternative method. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I frequently use a 3 needle bind off with happy results.


:woman_facepalming:t2: I’ve never even thought about using that for underarms! Do you run into any problems? I’d be concerned it might pull in the stitches in too tightly.


It is a little tighter than grafting, but I think that’s a plus. I use the tail (s) for tightening anything funky and loose.


I was having the same debate and someone recommended me to an article here about it that was perfect -


Back in the day, the Olympics used to show some pretty unusual ways to compete. The one that’s on my mind was a bike “race” where all the cyclists were at the start, the gun went off…and nobody moved. Turns out the point was to see how long you could keep your balance while moving the least distance. Yesterday, I thought I was done with sleeve 1, only to discover it wasn’t long enough. There are still 2 days in Feb, wonders never cease.


Perfect. Looks just right on you.


I started the neck/collar ribbing last night. Can I finish it this evening? Maybe!!